‘American Idol’ Finalist Remembers Planning Bold Stunt When He Realized He Wouldn’t Win

by Samantha Whidden

While it’s been nearly 20 years since he was dubbed runner-up for season 6 of “American Idol,” Blake Lewis recalls planning a bold stunt when he realized he wasn’t going to win against the winner, Jordin Sparks. 

While speaking to Insider, the “American Idol” runner-up said he actually planned to wear a shirt that supported Sparks while on stage. “I had this big ploy,” Lewis explained. “Where I was going to wear a ‘Vote for Jordin Sparks’ t-shirt and say, ‘Thank you, America,’ during that song. And drop the mic and walk off stage.”

However, Lewis ended up “chickening” out before the “American Idol” season finale. But he did say that after telling one other person his plan, security was watching him change his outfits. Just so he wouldn’t put on the shirt. 

Meanwhile, Lewis also said that he felt like the final song was written specifically for Sparks. He revealed that he knew he “was f—“ when a group of executive producers played him and Sparks the song. “I gave them all the fingers,” Lewis recalled. “I said, ‘F— you all,’ and I walked out of the room. It was a song written for Jordin Sparks and I said I couldn’t arrange it.”

‘American Idol’ Season 6 Finale Songwriters Speak Out

Insider reports that the single “This Is My Now” was selected for the season 6 finale after “American Idol” hosted a national songwriting competition in 2007. The song’s writer Jeff Peabody spoke about how he and his co-writer, Scott Krippayne had nothing to do with Lewis not being allowed to arrange the song. 

He and Krippayne were notably feeling awkward that their song was used for the finale. They both agreed that the song was “clearly a better fit” for Sparks. Peabody further explained that he and Krippayne felt bad and even apologized to Lewis. 

However, Lewis doesn’t seem to have any hard feelings about losing to Sparks. “I wanted Jordin to win. We all predicted she was gonna win in Hollywood week.”

Meanwhile, Lewis also said when he auditioned for “American Idol” that his only “strategy” was getting on tour. “I got to tour for three months with all these amazing people,” he shared. “I literally had two days off in 2007.”

Lewis did however say that “American Idol” didn’t really care about his singing talent after he was dubbed runner-up. “‘American Idol’ doesn’t give two cents about us after we’re not on the show unless you got first place. It’s sad, but it is what it is.”

Despite his criticism of the show, Lewis declared that he had a lot to be grateful for. This includes the relationships he created with those on “American Idol” with him.