‘American Idol’ Host Ryan Seacrest Has Fans Going Nuts Over New Instagram Pic

by Suzanne Halliburton

American Idol host Ryan Seacrest brought back an old favorite for his fans on Instagram. And Friday was a perfect day to do so.

So, hello Miss Georgia. Hope you were super pampered for national dog day. Georgia is Seacrest’s self-described “best friend.” She’s also a black lab, who pops up fairly regularly on Seacrest’s social media. But it’s been four weeks since the last time she made an appearance.

Seacrest posted a photo of himself with Georgia. The two are sitting at home on the couch. He captioned it: “Happy National Dog Day from Georgia and I.” And American Idol fans gushed over the photo. After all, there’s nothing cuter than a sweet, good girl posing with her human.” Georgia gets extra precious points for the gray hair she’s getting around her snout. Gray ladies are cool.

One fan replied to the American Idol host: “Gorgeous! Georgia is getting so big! How we love our fur babies!” (So true. Dogs are angels without wings.)

Another fan posted: “Georgia is beautiful. Must take after her handsome daddy.” One Instagram follower suggested Seacrest add to his canine family.

It’s interesting. Georgia joined the Seacrest family because the American Idol creator wanted to give the host his “first step into daddyhood.”

While doing the Live with Kelly and Ryan morning show, Seacrest talked of how Georgia became his first-ever dog. He was visiting the home of American Idol creator Simon Fuller. And Fuller had his own canine family.

“He had black labs and I was always over there,” Seacrest recalled. “I was not a dog person. I’ve never had a dog of my own. Then, I decided to get Georgia, but it was only because I was at Simon Fuller’s house watching, I don’t know, probably a rerun of American Idol and he kind of looked at me playing with the dogs with that weird look ,like ‘Huh, you’re going to be a dad one day,.”

Seacrest continued with the story: “Then, a couple of weeks later, (he gets) a knock on the door and a little tiny, black, beautiful, cute puppy Lab shows up.” So why the name Georgia? That’s where Seacrest grew up.

Seacrest takes Georgia to the Live with Ryan and Kelly set. He recently posted a photo of the two of them, together, at work. And he also shared an Instagram post to encourage the best dog puns from his American Idol fan base.

So yes, at Outsider, we love celebrating Georgia and all dogs. Happy belated National Dog Day to you and yours.