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‘American Idol’ Judge Katy Perry Reveals Why She Chose Lady K Over Tristen

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images)

Monday’s installment of American Idol left Lady K and Tristen Gresset in the hot seat, and thanks to Katy Perry, it was Lady K who moved on to the TV competition’s final 9. But according to the judge, making the choice wasn’t easy.

And the contestants had a few choices of their own that night. To add some drama, each judge anonymously picked a song for the hopefuls to sing. If the contestant opted to use the suggestion, they automatically earned a point.

In the end, those points didn’t help Tristen and Lady K, though. And Perry and fellow judge Luke Bryan were left to decide which of the two went home. And while the Fireworks singer admitted that Tristen had an “amazing” show, her heart went with Lady K

While talking to People, Parade, and US Weekly, during a post-episode interview, Perry admitted that Lady K didn’t give her best work on Monday’s American Idol. The singer blanked on a few words while belting Olivia Rodrigo’s Traitor, which is what landed her in the bottom two. But despite the mistake, Perry ultimately chose her to continue because Tristen “is a wild card.”

Katy Perry Said Tristen Was Too Much of ‘a Wild Card’ to Continue

The eliminated 17-year-old sang You Can’t Always Get What You Want by The Rolling Stones. And while he pulled it off well, Perry thought he was just a little too extra with the performance. And that’s not what wins the competition.

“He’s a rock and roller,” she said. “And it’s really challenging for that genre sometimes to get really far because it’s not about who’s the best singer — you have to check a little bit of a lot of boxes. But I think that he definitely poured a lot of sauce on his performance tonight, and you got to strike a balance. I wish him the best. I’m gonna be seeing him on stage. I’m gonna go to his concerts for sure.”

So while Katy Perry admitted that Tristen’s Mick Jagger ode was “electricity in a bottle,” he still packed up his guitar and headed back to Alabama. But he’s not planning on letting his American Idol experience stop him from becoming a star.

“What a beautiful experience,” he wrote on Instagram after the show. ” Being with this amazing family of singers was such a blessing. I’m so happy to have went out with a BANG‼️ Thank y’all so much to everyone who voted, and to everyone who has supported me through this journey. Y’all are the reason I perform, and the reason I will continue to. Huge things are gonna be happening soon ‼️‼️ MY JOURNEY HAS JUST BEGUN.”