‘American Idol’ Judge Luke Bryan Reveals How He Would Have Done as a Contestant on the Show

by Joe Rutland

Luke Bryan is one of the most recognizable faces among those famed judges on American Idol and he definitely knows his country music. Imagine seeing Bryan or even his fellow judges Katy Perry and Lionel Richie on there in their younger days. It’s something that might have happened for Bryan, but it didn’t. So, what does Bryan think would have happened if he was a contestant on the show?

“I’d have just had to go up there and been me, and I think I would’ve done pretty well,” Bryan said in an interview with Taste of Country. “I think my voice would have held its own, certainly in the category of boy next door, country kids. I see myself in a lot of these kids.” That’s a pretty rad response and it would have been cool to see him on there. If we are penciling him in around 2005, then he might have gone up against Carrie Underwood at that time. And boy, that would have been quite a competition indeed.

Luke Bryan of ‘American Idol’ Sees His New Song Gain Popularity

While all that is well and good, what is going on in Bryan’s career today? His new song, Country On, is lighting up the music charts right now. Here are some dynamite numbers to help add credence to the popularity. Ninety-one country music radio stations have put this Bryan song into their rotation. That’s according to Country Aircheck. This new Bryan number would hit, for now, No. 21 on the Billboard Country Airplay chart, country radio insider Chris Owen reports. Country On also reportedly debuted at No. 32 as part of the Mediabase chart.

This new song, which was released on July 1, focused its attention on a number of jobs. Among them are first responders, soldiers, and farmers. Basically, Country On is a song paying tribute to a lot of hard-working Americans. He has said that the song is “a little patriotism, a lot of pride.” Bryan said in an interview, “It’s obviously got a little bit of patriotism in it. It’s got a lot of country pride in it. The hard-working men and women out there, across the United States, I think it speaks to them really well.”

One voice that you can pay attention to in this new Bryan song is Sarah Buxton. See, she is a person who will collaborate with Bryan a bit. Buxton even wrote the Keith Urban song Stupid Boy, too. Well, she is providing backup vocals on Country On. He said about Buxton, “This time, she just started singing out there and stepping out there. Her voice is just amazing on it.”.