‘American Idol’s Leah Marlene Gives Hopeful Contestants Advice for Auditions From Home

by Shelby Scott

20-year-old singer-songwriter Leah Marlene may have missed out on the American Idol crown this past season, however, she still made noteworthy progress achieving her spot as one of this year’s top three finishers. Since leaving the show, Leah Marlene not only remains passionate about music, but now she’s encouraging others to share that with the public. In a new post from American Idol, see what advice Leah Marlene has for hopeful contestants submitting auditions from home.

Kicking off the brief clip, the show alum said, “Hey guys, it’s Leah. If I had any advice for Idol Across America, it would be to follow your gut all the way through.”

She further told potential future contestants to choose and submit a song that they enjoy singing and that resembles part of the reason why they sing. More importantly, Marlene emphasized that singers interested in auditioning should remember not to sing to impress anybody, but to sing because they enjoy doing so.

American Idol‘s social media team capped on the former contestant’s advice, writing to fans, “Just DO YOU during your audition from home! Great advice from true original [Leah Marlene]!”

While Marlene’s advice may very well help potential contestants find their way to the American Idol stage, her own near-success on the long-running TV series has done little for her. Several months following American Idol’s season 20 finale, Marlene shared how she feels stuck having completed the competition.

‘American Idol’ Has Left Leah Marlene Feeling ‘Misunderstood’

Anyone that watched the latest season of American Idol knows that Leah Marlene, runner-up HunterGirl, and first-place finisher Noah Thompson all boasted immense talent of their own style. However, while American Idol has definitely pulled Leah Marlene’s name from the background of the music industry, it’s done little else for her career. Previously, the young singer took to Instagram where she shared a little bit about her experience on American Idol while also revealing some of her latest struggles.

In sharing a video of an original song, one dedicated to those “feeling lost/confused/frustrated/stuck in life,” Marlene was vulnerable about her experience.

“Hi. I could write a novel about my experience coming off of American Idol,” the singer began. “Moral of the story is that it has been really freaking hard. I have been working my ass off nonstop to make something happen out of this and I feel like I’m going in never ending circles.”

The American Idol contestant continued in her post that her end on the show has made her feel very “misunderstood” in the music industry. And while many aspects of her life have changed post-show, “the comparison game has made these few months that much harder.”

Hopefully, Leah Marlene achieves her big break in her own way and manages to earn a reputation as a singer and artist beyond American Idol.