‘American Idol’ Makes Big Adjustment To Audition Process

by Chris Piner

For years, those who wished to be part of American Idol had no other option but to travel to the nearest city hosting auditions. Standing in line for hours and sometimes days, the contestant’s road to the stage started as they auditioned in front of a panel of judges before getting a chance to sing to the famous Simon Cowell. Given that American Idol continues after 20 seasons and over 600 episodes, it appears that the trademark for Fox decided to make some changes to how they hold auditions going forward. 

Wanting to cast a wider net, hoping to find more talent, American Idol shared a tweet about their upcoming audition dates. But as mentioned above, if a person missed the audition, they forfeited their spot. Thankfully, they can now sign up and sing to the sea of producers from the comfort of their own homes. 

American Idol Winner Talks About His Experience

Winning American Idol 2022, Noah Thompson recently spoke about his time on the show and how his cover of Stay, a song by Rihanna, captivated the judge and led him to become a star. At the time, Thompson revealed, “This isn’t a song I would usually do but it reminds me of being back home, because it is a song me and my girlfriend Angel would sing together. Singing that song kind of shows what else I can do. I was hoping maybe that’s what the judges would want to see.”

Gaining fame on American Idol, Thompson revealed that the producers knew about his ability to sing the song due to his TikTok. Posting his own rendition in 2021, months before he premiered on American Idol, he said, “The producers had known that I could sing that so they kind of just came at me like ‘Well, why don’t you sing this song?’ I was like ‘No’. I didn’t really want to sing that song in the first place at all because I barely [knew] that song. I just had to learn it as I went.”

Noah Thompson Thanks Fans For Support

Although nervous about singing the song in front of the American Idol judges, Thompson admitted, “Once I got that part down, I think it was just unique for everybody to hear me sing a song like that. That’s why now after the show ended, they kind of thought it would be a good idea to make a whole country version.”

Not long after winning American Idol, Noah Thompson released a single of Stay, accompanied by a music video. He thanked his fans on Instagram, writing, “Thank y’all for all the love on #stay. I’m really [looking] forward to getting some new music out because I’m tired of singing the same old songs all the time. But I’m excited to get to work to really put some new stuff out there. I hope everybody enjoys it.”