‘American Idol’ Winner Noah Thompson Couldn’t Wait To Get Back to Kentucky

by Samantha Whidden

After being dubbed the winner of the 20th season of “American Idol,” Noah Thompson says he is happy to be back in his home state of Kentucky. 

As he spoke to the Louisville Courier, Noah Thompson revealed how relieved he is to be back in Kentucky after the “American Idol” season finale. “I am back home, finally. This is the best state on earth. There is no place like home, I just love all of Kentucky.”

Thompson’s declaration comes just a little over a week after thousands of his supporters celebrated the “American Idol” star with a special parade in his hometown of Louisa, Kentucky. The small Kentucky town celebrated the singer and songwriter by placing signs of his photographs. Signs supporting Thompson are also hanging in every store window. He also performed at a concert at the Lawrence County High School’s football stadium.

Also speaking about being put on the country music legend list on “Country Music Highway,” Thompson revealed it’s always been a dream of seeing his name on the signs. “I am going to be on that sign one day,” the “American Idol” winner recalls saying. “I’d say it all the time, never knowing how in the world that would happen.”

‘American Idol’ Winner Noah Thompson Shares Details About His Real Life Persona 

As he continued to speak to the media outlet, “American Idol” winner Noah Thompson revealed that although he looked like he had a ton of confidence, he’s definitely pretty shy in person. 

“I can promise you there was never a person who was more terrified walking into that audition room than I was,” Noah Thompson admitted. “But I’m from a place where you don’t really get much opportunities so when I entered that room I was thinking about my family back home and remembering what I was doing this for.”

Thompson also spoke about his own fashion choices. “What people see is just me. I like to wear flannel, jeans and work boots. I wasn’t going to change for anybody,” the musician explained. He further shared he wants to be who he wants to be. “I just have to hope that’s good enough for everyone.”

He then discussed his outfit during the “American Idol” season finale. “I did not want to wear it at first, I didn’t feel like it was me. But in hindsight, I know wearing that suit was a good idea.”  

In regards to his time before “American Idol,” Thompson spoke about working for the company, Addiction Recovery Care, in the construction division. “Oh man, I really liked working with all of them,” Thompson revealed. “I look up to every one of them boys, most of them are recovering addicts who have turned their lives around.