‘American Idol’s Noah Thompson Returns to ‘Simple Things’ in New Pics Following Season 20 Win

by Samantha Whidden

After winning season 20 of “American Idol,” Noah Thompson is definitely enjoying some much-needed downtime as he prepares to advance his music career. 

In his recent Instagram post, “American Idol” winner Noah Thompson embraces the quietness of his hometown, Louisa, in Kentucky. He’s doing this by mowing the lawn. “It’s the simple things,” he captioned the post. He also used the hashtags #cuttinggrass and #homesweethome. 

Noah Thompson previously spoke about how he was planning to return to the small Kentucky town after winning “American Idol” and he even said he was relieved to be back home. “I am back home, finally. This is the best state on earth. There is no place like home, I just love all of Kentucky.”

The latest social media post from Noah Thompson comes just after the “American Idol” winner’s grandmother spoke about raising him. As she spoke to Kentucky Today about her grandson, Karen Thompson stated that she always knew there was something special about the singer and songwriter. “He could always carry a tune, even when he was little. He loved music and we’d sing together in the car on the way to school. He’d say, ‘Play it again, Mawmaw,’ and I’d say, ‘I can’t. It was on the radio.’”

Furthermore, Karen declared that she personally believes her grandson’s voice stands out. “[His voice] is soothing to me, but I’m close to him, so you wonder if everybody else is going to think the same way.”

Noah Thompson Says Winning ‘American Idol’ Has ‘Changed Everything’ For Him 

Hours after winning “American Idol” last week, Noah Thompson spoke about how him being dubbed the season 20 winner has changed everything for him. “Honestly, dude, I was just kind of numb,” he spoke about being named the winner to USA Today. “It blew me away. I just didn’t know how to feel. Anybody could have won this show, you know what I mean? I just didn’t think it was me.”

Noah Thompson also reflected on life before “American Idol” about how he ended up on the TV show after his work friend Arthur signed him up without telling him. “I just got shoved into this competition basically by my buddy, but I’m grateful for it. I just didn’t expect this outcome at all. After Top 3 was when I really hit me.”

Thompson further admitted that he was a complete nervous wreck when he first auditioned in front of the “American Idol” judges. “I can promise you, nobody’s walking into that audition room more nervous. My heart was beating out of my chest. I couldn’t even look at the judges.”

Thompson went on to add that while winning was great for him, he hopes to continue to stay true to himself. “I’m not trying to be somebody, you know what I mean? I’m just trying to be myself. I didn’t wanna change for nobody or no one. I wanted to be who I was, and hopefully that was good enough.”