‘American Idol’: Noah Thompson Reveals ‘Coolest Thing’ About Winning Season 20

by Emily Morgan

Noah Thompson is still pinching himself to make sure he’s not dreaming. Nearly two weeks ago, the Kentucky native took home the win during the finale of “American Idol.” Now, he’s opening up about the whirlwind experience.

Although he’s back home with his family, Thompson is still talking about his time in the singing competition. He recently sat down for an interview and described the process, his music, and what’s to come for the 20-year-old.

“It’s sunk in, it’s just kind of, it’s all just surreal to me, my grandma and everybody. It’s hard to believe man,” Thompson said tells WKYT about taking home the crown on “American Idol.” We first fell in love with Thompson’s voice when he auditioned for the judges. As a young construction worker and father, he used his gruff, authentic voice to win himself a golden ticket and America’s votes.

“This was a dream, but wasn’t something I thought could be reality,” he added. However, Thompson realized this his newfound fame in country music meant a great deal to those back home in Kentucky.

“For me I think that’s what the coolest part about it, is I get to represent our little town and there is not much to it, but it’s home. ‘Course I was proud of myself, but everybody was just proud,” said Thompson proudly.

Thompson released his new single, “One Day Tonight,” before winning “American Idol.” The good news continues as the song has rapidly climbed up the music charts to the No. 1 spot.

What’s next for ‘American Idol’ winner Noah Thompson

“When it hit number one, I just couldn’t believe it, like people are loving that song. I even love the song, I really did, I fell in love with the song,” said Thompson.

However, it’s not lost on Noah Thompson that his dream of winning “Idol” may have never come true if it weren’t for his friend, Arthur, who submitted his tape. But, according to Thompson, his friend knows that this is just the beginning. “He’s extremely proud and he’s just looking forward to seeing what happens with all of this,” said Thompson of his friend.

For now, the rising star is trying to get back to everyday life. He’s currently back home in Kentucky, where you might see him mowing his grass or weed-eating like he wasn’t just named “American Idol” just weeks ago. Although he’s trying to relax, it hasn’t stopped him from mapping out his next moves.

“Hopefully get some more songs out. I’m looking forward to trying to write some songs and get back in the studio and all that. And play some shows. That’s what I’m looking forward to,” said Thompson.

In addition, you might run into him at the upcoming CMA fest in Nashville, which he plans on attending.