‘American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest Celebrates Randy Jackson’s Birthday With Heartfelt Message

by Samantha Whidden

On Thursday (June 23rd), long-time “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest celebrated former judge Randy Jackson’s birthday with a heartfelt social media post. 

“Happy birthday Randy Jackson!” The “American Idol” star declared. “Grateful that we recently got to celebrate the life-changing chapter together with the 20 year Idol Reunion. Love you, hope today is a special one.”

In June 2017, Randy Jackson spoke about how he would only host “American Idol” if Ryan Seacrest would host with him. “They wanted me to take Ryan Seacrest’s job,” Jackson told Entertainment Tonight. “Because they said, ‘Look man, look, you got it. You know how to do it, dawg. I would only host with Ryan. He’s my friend. You know let’s see – Kelly [Ripa] and Ryan, Ryan, and Randy. Oh, man. It’s gonna work man. I feel it!”

Also speaking about “American Idol” being revived and moved to ABC, Jackson said, “I’m happy for it! Listen, it’s a great show. I think it’s still the best of its kind ever, so I’m really happy, you know what I mean? It’s a great, great show. I’m sure it’s gonna be fun.”

He then spoke about Katy Perry being one of the revived “American Idol” judges. “Katy’s great, love her. She guest-judged with us one season… Love her, I’m a fan. I’m a friend. She’s dope. She’s talented.”

‘American Idol’ Host Ryan Seacrest is Looking to Produce and Star in His Own Cooking Show 

Meanwhile, “American Idol” host Ryan Seacrest is looking into yet another project – a new cooking show. A source told Us Weekly last week, “Ryan is looking to produce and star in his own show about food. He loves the Stanley Tucci series ‘Searching For Italy’ and wants to do a show along those same lines.”

Seacrest notably participates in cooking segments on his morning show “Live With Kelly and Ryan” and apparently considers himself a “Gordon Ramsey kinda guy.” 

The radio and TV host has also been learning to cook over the last few years and loves it. Although he is interested in cooking, Seacrest still remains loyal to “American Idol” and doesn’t seem to have any plans to give up his hosting duties anytime soon. While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter in February, Seacrest spoke about how the show stands out from the rest. 

“I think about the impact in the music culture,” Seacrest explained. “I get to play songs on the radio, and there was a time when maybe music directors or program directors thought, ‘Oh, this is a novelty act. This is a novelty song coming from a television show, who knows if this is really a star?’”