‘American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest Wants to Star in His Own Series

by Megan Molseed

American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest has some big dreams to expand his already prolific career in entertainment. Most recently says the longtime TV host, Seacrest has been dreaming of trying his hand in an entirely new type of series – a cooking show!

According to US Weekly, the longtime television host and radio personality Ryan Seacrest has been talking about starring in his very own cooking show. Not only that, notes the outlet, Seacrest hopes to produce this series as well.

“Ryan is looking to produce and star in his own show about food,” notes a source close to Ryan Seacrest per Us Weekly.

“He loves the Stanley Tucci series Searching for Italy,” the source continues per the outlet. “And wants to do a show along those same lines.”

American Idol’s Ryan Seacrest Has Been Preparing For A Cooking Series During His Years Hostin Live With Kelly and Ryan

Ryan Seacrest may be moving out of his typical genre by wanting to produce and host a cooking series. However, the 47-year-old TV and radio host has had plenty of practice in this area. Ryan Seacrest fans know well that the star has long been participating in a variety of cooking segments on the hit morning show, Live With Kelly and Ryan.

One insider close to the popular American Idol host notes that Seacrest is a longtime watcher of the Top Chef shows. He also “fancies himself a Gordon Ramsey kinda guy,” the insider notes.

Ryan Seacrest Already Knows the Ins And Outs Of Producing A Cooking Series

Ryan Seacrest has been cooking regularly for the last few years, and he loves it, sources note. And, should this series find its way into production, this wouldn’t be the first time the TV host has been involved in a cooking series. In 2010, Ryan Seacrest won an Emmy Award for producing Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution through Ryan Seacrest Productions.

Ryan Seacrest Has A Bit Of Trouble With Some Furry Guests On LIVE With Kelly and Ryan

Ryan Seacrest may want to expand his talents, but puppy trainer is likely not on this list. During a recent episode of LIVE With Kelly and Ryan, the hosts, Kelly Rippa and Ryan Seacrest were spending the morning with some adorable puppies. However, Seacrest seemed to be struggling with his furry guests!

During the Monday, June 13 episode of the hit daytime talk show series, Seacrest sits on the ground in an effort to get one pup’s attention. However, this pup was having nothing to do with this bonding moment and it runs off the stage.

The trainer then hands Seacrest another pup for the segment. However, Ryan Seacrest faces more rejection as this pup also takes off, running off stage. Of course, Seacrest’s co-host Kelly Rippa had to joke about this hilarious daytime TV moment.

“I’m trying to stay focused,” Rippa tells the trainer.

“This dog is afraid of Ryan!” the former soap opera star quips. “Ryan, What cologne did you wear today?”