‘American Idol’s Scotty McCreery Says It’s ‘Been a Heartwarming Week’ After Revealing Wife’s Pregnancy

by Suzanne Halliburton

Former American Idol champion Scotty McCreery and his wife have been soaking in all the happiness and warmth that comes with a baby announcement.

McCreery and his wife, Gabi, announced 10 days ago that Baby Boy McCreery is on board, with an arrival date sometime around Thanksgiving. The former American Idol said the public response has been overwhelmingly positive as he and his wife await the birth of their first child.

McCreery did a telephone interview Friday morning with Bobby Bones, the syndicated radio host and one-time American Idol mentor. Bones asked McCreery about how he and his wife decided it was the right time to go public.

McCreery said they waited for a while. By then, it was becoming obvious.

McCreery said “let’s milk this thing as long as we can without telling anybody, just family and friends, kind of when we have to tell, we tell. She’s starting to show pretty good. We were on the same page there, it went pretty good. It’s been a very heartwarming week, I would say. All the texts and people reaching out. It’s been very, very sweet.”

Then McCreery offered details as to how they found out the sex of the baby. Let’s just say they stuck to a semi-old-school approach. There was no big gender reveal.

“We both wanted to wait for our 20-week ultrasound to give us a little bit of suspense,” McCreery said. “So we both found out that way.”

Former American Idol Winner Says He Can Turn Tour Bus Into Traveling Nursery

McCreery won American Idol in 2011. He was the youngest ever male winner as he beat out fellow country artist Lauren Alaina in the all-teenage final. McCreery since then has enjoyed a spectacular career crooning country music. His rich, deep voice is older beyond his years. He’s currently on a national tour, with his next stop in Fort Laramie, Ohio. Coincidentally, McCreery’s tour ends in October, although there is a stop, Dec. 9, for a show that was rescheduled from earlier this year.

We can make the case that Gabi McCreery may be the most prepared first-time mother. She works as a pediatric nurse.

“It’ll be great for me because I’ll be so nervous,” Scotty said. “If the baby coughs, I’ll be like, ‘Hey, Gabi, is this okay? What’s happening here?’ So, knowing that she has that experience, I think will be huge.”

Earlier this week, Gabi posted a photo gallery from their baby announcement. There’s Scotty, Gabi, the family dog and the baby bump.

The American Idol alum told People that the couple already had a name picked out of the newest McCreery was a girl. So finding the perfect name for a baby boy is next on the family agenda. And as for the tour, McCreery said he”ll bring Gabi and baby with him. He figures he can add another tour bus and turn it into a traveling nursery.