‘American Idol’ Season 19 Contestant Releases Song About Father Who Died Unexpectedly

by Shelby Scott

All eyes are on our famous judges as “American Idol” begins to near the final round of its 20th season. However, one season 19 contestant, third place finalist Grace Kinstler, has maintained a career in music since departing the show. And now, she’s released a new song tributing her father who unexpectedly died in 2020.

Kinstler experienced a memorable journey during her time on “American Idol.” But nearly two years since her father passed away, the third-place contestant navigates her journey with grief through songwriting. Her new song, which dropped on Friday, is entitled “Breaking Myself.” Following are a handful of the tribute song’s lyrics.

“No, I won’t run. ‘Cause I’m not done. Won’t you understand where I’m coming from. ‘Cause it always hurts when I’m trying to help. How can I fix you if I’m breaking myself?”

MassLive reports that since Kinstler departed season 19 of “American Idol,” the former contestant has been working on music and writing songs detailing the loss of her father. As per the outlet, Kinstler’s father passed away in February 2020.

“The goal with that project,” the singer explained, “is really just to encapsulate the journey that I’ve been on since my dad’s passing. That was the biggest event of my life.”

The former “American Idol” contestant further shared she was in “a very rough place” between the loss of her dad and the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the loss, Kinstler went on to audition for the competitive singing show the February following her dad’s death.

The Significance Behind the ‘American Idol’ Contestant’s New Song

Upon reading the lyrics, Grace Kinstler’s song “Breaking Myself” might not specifically detail the loss of a loved one. However, while speaking with the outlet, she explained, “When he died, it seemed like the world was imploding, and all I wanted to was fix it.”

She continued, “There was so much pain around me, I worried things would boil over if I let mine out.”

Ultimately though, the outlet reports she knew that method wouldn’t work well for long.

“It took me a long time to realize that ignoring my own pain to heal someone else only continued the damage I was trying to repair.”

From that aspect, the lyrics to “Breaking Myself” begin to take on a lot more significance.

While Kinstler’s “Breaking Myself” debuted on Friday, the former “American Idol” contestant promises this song definitely wouldn’t be her last. In fact, MassLive stated that since featuring on the hit singing show, she has taken her music career to TikTok and Instagram. There, she’s managed to gain a large fan-following. Kinstler has also moved to Los Angeles where she hopes to grow her career.

“The feelings and sensations are too great to fit into one single records, so my goal is that with every new release, you’ll get to understand a new piece of my story and my heart.”