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‘American Idol’ Season 20: Fans React to Surprising Elimination of Famous Rocker’s Daughter

by Taylor Cunningham
(Photo by Momodu Mansaray/Getty Images)

Sunday’s American Idol competition revealed some bad news about famous rocker Chad Smith’s daughter, Ava Maybee. The hopeful singer sadly didn’t make it into the final 11 on the long-running TV show. And the Twitter world is currently mourning her loss.

During this week’s episode, Maybee sang what almost everyone deemed as a perfect rendition of Sign of the Times by Harry Styles. But for reasons we’ll never understand, viewers did not vote for her to continue. So Maybee exited the show along with Dan Marshall and Allegra Miles.

The tragic ending happened two nights ago. And since it went down, several major events have gone ablaze on Twitter—like Elon Musk buying it, for example. Nonetheless, Maybee’s seemingly undeserved booting is still trending tonight.

Fans ‘Cannot Believe’ That Viewers Voted Off Ava Maybee

American Idol fans are still talking about Ava Maybee and wishing they could see her stick with the competition till the very end.

Maybee is the daughter of rocker Chad Smith, who drums for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers. And it’s apparent that she inherited Smith’s musical talents. Her soulful vocals are exactly what platinum records are made of. So, many fans think it’s completely unfair that the 20-year-old had to go home.

“Nah, they eliminated Ava Maybee on American Idol,” @applejoocebox posted on Sunday. “I will never forgive America for this.”

And some American Idol fans are simply still living in disbelief.

“i. cannot. believe. ava. maybee. got. voted. off. of. american. idol, ” another used admitted.

While many people are currently in the denial stage of grief, others have moved on to anger. And those fans are saying that they’re so devastated with the results that they’re just done with the series altogether.

“I know damn well that America did not eliminate Ms. Ava Maybee,” Sharon Faye cried. “@AmericanIdol I’m officially finished with this show.”

Some ‘American Idol’ Fans are Tweeting their Approval of the Rocker’s Daughter Leaving

But while most of Twitter seems to think that Ava Maybee deserved to be crowned the season 20 champ, a few people disagree. Everyone has their critics after all.

After scanning social media, it appears that some folks believe that Maybee only made it on American Idol because she’s a famous rocker’s daughter. And while we disagree that Maybee was undeserving, we understand their sentiment.

“Ava Maybee talking about how her mom has been key in her musical journey like her dad isn’t part of Red Hot Chili Peppers. Each week that she remains on the show is a joke,” FFBurner complained before Ava missed the cut. “It’s like the rich father sending their kid to Harvard as a 5th generation legacy. Foh.”