‘American Idol’: Season 20 Finalist HunterGirl Gets a Grand Homecoming Celebration

by Samantha Whidden

While preparing for her performances at the season 20 finale of “American Idol,” finalist HunterGirl gets a grand homecoming celebration. 

According to the Daily News Journal, “American Idol” finalist HunterGirl (her real name is Hunter Wolkonowski) returned to her hometown of Winchester, Tennessee for a day-long homecoming event on Tuesday (May 17th). The town celebrated by showing support and welcoming the finalist home. 

HunterGirl was presented with a key to the city in front of the Oldham Theater. She then visited an elementary school in the afternoon and was present at a HunterGirl costume contest. The singer then made an appearance at the event’s parade and concert. 

Speaking about HunterGirl’s success on “American Idol,” Special Projects Director of Winchester, Yvonne Stewart, stated, “As a community, we could not be more proud of Hunter. We’re thankful she didn’t forget about us, so we’re not going to forget about her.”

Carleigh Allens, who is a fan of HunterGirl, also shared, “She’s a great inspiration to younger people. She knows that even if you’re from a small town, you can do anything. 

HunterGirl also sang during the event’s big concert in the evening. “I’ve played so many shows to empty crowds and empty barstools,” she said. “One person or 100 people, it doesn’t matter how many people are there. Music is there to get people through a rough time.”

The “American Idol” finalist then thanked her town and fans for all their support. “If there’s anybody out there that wants to do music or anybody that wants to chase a dream… it can happen. You just got to work hard and just go for it no matter what anybody tells you.”

‘American Idol’ Finalist HunterGirl Shares Her Gratitude After Hometown Celebration

Following the exciting day, “American Idol” star HunterGirl shared a video on her Instagram account of the big celebration, writing, “I AM HOME!!!!!!!”

The “American Idol” finalist also shared another video of her singing to the crowd. “THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone who came out to the concert!!!” HunterGirl wrote. “THIS WAS INSANE!! This was the best day of my life. I couldn’t believe it when I looked out at the crowd. So many happy tears. You guys have changed my life. Thank you for believing in and supporting me. I love you all.”

On the following day, HunterGirl showed off a still video of her preparing to head back to Hollywood for the
“American Idol” season finale. “Never thought I would be hopping on a private jet to go back to Hollywood. Little Hunter wouldn’t have ever imagined this. What is life right now?!”

HunterGirl is going up against Noah Thompson and Leah Marlene for the season’s winner. The finale will take place on Sunday (May 22nd) on ABC.