‘American Idol’ Star Caleb Kennedy Released From Jail Months After Fatal Crash: Report

by Taylor Cunningham

Season 19 American Idol contestant Caleb Kennedy has been released from prison on a $50k bond three months after he killed a man while driving under the influence.

The 17-year-old singer had been denied bail four separate times since the initial accident. But Judge Derham Cole finally agreed to his request this afternoon. However, Kennedy will have to abide by very specific conditions in order to remain free.

According to The Sun, Kennedy’s mother will take full responsibility and custody of her son until the court says otherwise. The teenager must wear a GPS monitor inside of his home at all times. And, he cannot be near firearms or consume drugs and alcohol.

Judge Cole also ruled that Caleb Kennedy cannot contact the victim’s family directly or indirectly.

Before the court granted bail, Kennedy also had to agree to rehabilitation treatment. Within the coming days, he will enter an inpatient treatment program. Once released, he will then need to continue with outpatient treatment. The therapy will cover both addiction and mental health.

While at the facility, Caleb Kennedy can remove his tracker, but only if the court believes the American Idol singer is in a secure setting.

If the TV star breaks any of these conditions, he will have to return to prison.

‘American Idol’ Contestant Jailed on February 8th Following a Deadly Accident

On February 8th, The 17-year-old singer entered the Spartanburg County Detention Center after his truck crashed into 54-year-old Larry Parris’ workshop. Parris died in a local hospital three hours after the accident.

When Judge Grace Knie first reviewed the case, she initially denied bail because of the strange circumstances surrounding the accident. And while Kennedy’s lawyers continued to ask Judge Knie to reconsider, she refused pending a look at the teenager’s medical records and toxicology report.

Once the toxicology report was finalized, it revealed that Kennedy had 1.5 ng/mL of THC and 66 ng/mL of prescribed Prozac in his system at the time of the accident.

With that information, the judge refused bail once more. During a hearing, she said that she believed Kennedy was a danger to both himself and the community. Knie then ordered the singer to submit to a psychiatric evaluation within 45 days if he would like her to review his request again.

Caleb Kennedy was a contestant on American Idol during last year’s competition. And from the start, his twangy music made him the favored winner.

But the singer only made it as far as the top five before a scandal took him out of the competition. While on the show, fans found a Snapchat of Kennedy and his friends wearing hoods similar to the KKK. And the controversy prompted him to withdraw from the show.