‘American Idol’ Star Reveals She’s Homeless, Asks For Help

by Emily Morgan

An “American Idol” alum is seeking help. As it turns out, former contestant Mishavonna Henson is asking for help amid a “life and death” crisis.

On a newly-created GoFundMe page, season eight alum Henson is pleading for assistance as she’s currently homeless. In addition, the vocalist also revealed she’s been living out of her car. She’s also admitted that she’s been in and out of the emergency room several times this year.

Henson wrote on the GoFundMe page, “I have recently become homeless.” She then opened up about her troublesome life. 

The former “Idol” star shared that she currently lives in her vehicle, “and besides being nearly four months late on my car payment, my battery is dying, my oil is basically putrid, and I can’t run the AC even though it’s the middle of summer.” 

It seemed to go from bad to worse when Henson revealed that she had been undergoing some health issues. “On top of all of that, I have SO many hospital bills. I’ve visited the ER five times this year already.” She also admitted that she could no longer afford her insurance and medications.

“And lastly, but probably the most important, I can’t afford my insurance which means I can’t afford my medications and that will end up deadly. I’m diagnosed schizoaffective, I have Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome, and Gastroparesis. I absolutely cannot go without my meds,” she wrote. 

She pleaded: “So if any of you kind people would care to donate I will be forever grateful. Literally every penny counts. This is very much life or death.”

‘American Idol’ alum pleads for help as she lives in her car

Henson set the GoFundMe goal at $3,000. As of Saturday, fans had donated $1,150 to her cause, with Henson receiving numerous messages of support from her fans. 

“American Idol” fans will remember Henson when she appeared on Season 8 of the show in 2009 when the hit singing competition was still broadcast via Fox. 

Although the show did not broadcast her audition, she gained attention from millions watching at home during Hollywood week. Her voice quickly made her a fan favorite. Her Top 36 performance of Train’s “Drops of Jupiter.” made everyone’s jaws hit the floor, including the judges’. 

However, after her stint on “American Idol” came to an end, Henson took a step back from performing. A 2016 report from The Orange County Register caught up with past American Idol contestants writing that Henson was “the hardest to track down today.” 

However, we know that she recorded a Christmas duet with country star Crystal Gayle in 2010. She also got married a couple of years later. After that, her website went cold, and her social media went silent. 

However, Henson came back online in 2021 when she joined TikTok.