‘American Idol’ Winner Gives Health Update After Hospitalization

by Samantha Whidden

Days after Samantha Diaz, better known as Just Sam, was rushed to the hospital for an unknown illness, the Season 18 American Idol winner is sharing a new update following the health scare. 

As previously reported, the American Idol star documented the hospital stay, which began earlier this week. “Thank you to everyone that checked on me,” Diaz stated. “I am ALIVE and out of the hospital.” She also posted a picture while in a medical room with the caption “100lbs is crazyyy… I seriously need help.”

Diaz notably has been released from the hospital and wrote in an Instagram Story post, “I’m grateful for the prayers everyone. I’m doing much better now.” 

Diaz was named the winner of American Idol in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic. While accepting the winning title, Diaz declared, “Can I thank America now? My dreams have come true. My grandmother has been saying that she doesn’t believe that people like us can have their dreams come true. This is proof to her!” 

Diaz also stated that she kept pushing and singing no matter what. “Look where it’s brought me. I hope to inspire all the little girls who believe their dreams can’t come true. Anyone can do it.” 

Diaz was notably the first African American winner since Candice Glover in Season 12 and the show’s revival on ABC. 

‘American Idol’ Winner Samantha Diaz Revealed the Origin of the Nickname ‘Just Sam’ 

According to Glitter Magazine, Samantha Diaz revealed details about the nickname “Just Sam” during an airing of American Idol: This Is Me. 

“I go by Just Sam… Just Sam,” Diaz explained. “Growing up, I was kind of a tomboy. I would switch up my style a lot. In high school, they didn’t know which category to put me in. I wasn’t a girl, not a boy, but both. And I’m like ‘Just Sam.’ You can’t tell them anything else. It sounds perfect, I think I’m going to use that as my stage name forever.”

Diaz also spoke about references to identity in a tweet in December 2020. “I’m beautiful on some days, but I could also look very handsome. Sometimes I’m chilling with the ladies and other times I’m hanging with my homeboys.” 

Diaz also wrote, “I love me in all of my ways, straight hair, curly hair, wig, weave, or braids. I love me with or without makeup and fresh off the wake up. I’m grateful to have this love and acceptance for myself that I never had before.”

The American Idol winner went on to add that God has helped with this acceptance. “I thank God for this and for allowing me to grow through my experience with Idol and I’m super grateful for each and everyone one of you.”