‘American Idol’ Winner Is Nearly Unrecognizable in Return to Social Media After Arrest: VIDEO

by Megan Molseed

American Idol alum Laine Hardy is nearly unrecognizable to his fans as he returns to social media to premiere a new song titled Party I Can Play.

In this recent Instagram post, the American Idol star gives us a glimpse of his new look, after a three-month hiatus from the platform.

“Been writing some new songs,” Laine Hardy shares with his followers in the post that comes just a few months after the star’s arrest. Hardy then invites his fans to let him know what they think about this new tune.

As Hardy premieres this original tune, he sports a newly grown beard and mustache. The American Idol star’s hair is noticeably longer as he tops the look off with a baseball cap.

Laine Hardy Fans Show Their Support After The American Idol Winner Shares An Unreleased Tune

The catchy tune was enough to bring Laine Hardy’s fans out in droves. Many commenting on how much they missed the crooner’s unique voice.

“Glad you’re back!” one fan exclaims on the Insta post.

“We missed You!” the comment continues. “Missed hearing your voice.”

“Good to see you @thelainehardy we all have missed you,” another fan writes, adding an acknowledgment towards the singer’s new look.

“[A]nd yikes you’ve grown up!” the commenter notes.

While many fans of the American Idol alum were singing Hardy’s praises in the comment section, others weren’t so sure about the singer’s new look.

“Where is the [clean-cut] fellow that won American Idol?” one fan asks.

“Love your music but don’t like the gruffly look,” the commenter adds.

Other fans of the singer were quick to come to the singer’s defense, however. One of Laine Hardy’s Insta followers commenting “Can everyone stop hating on his beard? If you don’t like it that’s ok but don’t comment on it unless it’s positive.”

Laine Hardy Faces Up To 10 Years In Prison For Unauthorized Listening Device

The American Idol winner’s previous Insta post came in the spring, just before he turned himself into the Louisiana State Police on April 29. This move stemmed from a warrant being issued for Laine Hardy’s arrest after he was accused of planting a listening device in a female student’s dorm room at LSU. Reports note that the device recorded audio for the span of several months between Nov. 2021 to Feb. 2022.

“Earlier today, I received a warrant due to allegations made against me and have been fully cooperative with the Louisiana State University Police Department,” Laine Hardy wrote on his social media a few months ago.

“I understand that my career has thrust me into the public spotlight,” the singer adds. “[A]nd I embrace that wholeheartedly as my entire world belongs to my music and my fans.”

If convicted, Hardy could be found guilty of Interception and Disclosure of Wire, Electronic, or Oral Communication. The singer could then face as much as 10 years in prison as well as a $10,000 fine.