‘American Idol’ Winner Noah Thompson’s Grandma Opens Up About Raising the Rising Star

by Samantha Whidden

Less than a week after Noah Thompson was dubbed the winner of “American Idol” season 20, the music artist’s grandmother is speaking out about raising him. 

“I always said there was something special about him,” Karen Thompson, the grandmother of “American Idol” winner Noah Thompson, told Kentucky Today. “He could always carry a tune, even when he was little. He loved music and we’d sing together in the car on the way to school. He’d say, ‘Play it again, Mawmaw,’ and I’d say, ‘I can’t. It was on the radio.’”

Noah Thompson’s grandmother spoke about how the “American Idol” winner’s father is a musician. So he was exposed to music almost constantly. He also likely inherited his father’s musical talent. However, while she said her grandson was a funny child with lots of energy, he never sought attention. “He was shy and not outgoing,” she explained. “So [appearing on television] was a lot.”

Noah Thompson’s grandmother further shared that the “American Idol” winner thought he would just perform a few times. And he wasn’t going to go as far as he did on the TV show. “There were some amazing voices there and Noah was in awe of their talents. He’s humble and he doesn’t see himself the way others do.”

Although she has always loved her grandson’s voice, Karen Thompson admitted she wasn’t convinced that he would actually win the “American Idol” season. “[His voice] is soothing to me, but I’m close to him, so you wonder if everybody else is going to think the same way.”

Noah Thompson’s Grandmother Talks ‘American Idol’ Intense Schedule 

Karen Thompson then spoke about visiting Noah for the Mother’s Day episode and to see the “American Idol” season finale in person. Although she was able to spend time with him, it wasn’t as much as time as she expected. “They have a very, very tight schedule. They get up early and work late. After he won, they whisked him away.”

She also explained that the trip was very rushed. “We didn’t have time to rest and only got to see Noah a few times,” the grandmother recalled. However, she was happy with the experience. “Katy Perry is amazing. She held Walker [Noah’s son] and he went right to her.”

Although the season is officially over for him, Noah’s grandmother said it’s definitely a lot to take in. “It’s like this is happening to us,” she said.

That’s when she spoke about Thompson as a child. “He was just an amazing little boy. There was just something so special about him. Regardless of what happens in life, raising him was the best thing that ever happened to me.”

In regards to the amount of support her grandson received back home, Karen Thompson added, “It’s amazing the love and support of everybody here. This town’s incredible, anyway. If anything is wrong, people step right up and are there for you. I don’t think I knew there was so many people here!”