‘American Idol’ Winner Noah Thompson Reveals Huge Piece of Advice He Got From Carrie Underwood

by Samantha Whidden

Following being dubbed the winner of Season 20 of “American Idol,” Noah Thompson opens up about the advice he received from country music superstar and one of the show’s biggest winners, Carrie Underwood

While speaking to TV Insider earlier this week, “American Idol” winner Noah Thompson recalled the key piece of advice he received from the country singer and songwriter. “Carrie [Underwood] gave me a good piece of advice. Even though it was on a monitor, she told me what she does when she gets on stage, which is living in her own little world. She is not there with the people. She doesn’t think about them in that space. That was a realization for me.”

Noah Thompson also spoke about the piece of advice that “American Idol” judge Lionel Richie said to him. “I remember Lionel Richie looking at me when I was on stage and telling me for the rest of my life to step on that stage with my big boots and own the stage. I will never forget that.”

During the Season 20 finale of “American Idol,” Noah Thompson performed three songs. They were “I’m on Fire” from Bruce Springsteen, his original song “One Day Tonight,” and then “Stay” by Rihanna. He competed against finalist HunterGirl and Leah Marlene. HunterGirl was the runner-up.

In an Instagram post, Noah Thompson thanked everyone who supported him during the season. “Thank you all for giving me this opportunity, thank you for everyone who voted, thank you guys so much for everything!! I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for you all so thank you guys so so much. I’m looking forward to continuing this journey and seeing where this thing goes. Love all of you all.”

Noah Thompson Opens Up About the Bond He Has With Fellow ‘American Idol’ Contestants

As he continued his interview with TV Insider, Noah Thompson spoke about the bond he now has with the contestants of “American Idol” Season 20. “I came into this competition not knowing if I would like anybody. These people were coming from all over.”

Noah Thompson then said that he thinks he made some of the best friends he’s ever had in his life. “That’s how we all felt. You don’t know what is going to happen. We all became a little family. We’re all cheering for each other. I feel like that’s the best attitude to have coming into a competition like this.”

When asked how he felt about being an inspiration to others as an “American Idol” winner, Noah Thompson stated, “I remember seeing these little kids when I went home for that concert. They were so excited to see me. I just thought that was amazing.”