‘American Idol’ Winner Reveals More Health Update After Hospitalization

by Tia Bailey

American Idol star Just Sam, also known as Samantha Diaz, recently revealed that she was hospitalized due to an unknown illness. Now, we have an update on her condition.

Diaz, who won the singing competition show during season 18, has had health issues for a long time. She posted several photos on her Instagram story updating what was going on. Diaz shared a photo of a hospital scale, writing: “100 lbs is crazyyy. I seriously need help.” She also had a negative experience, writing that she hated the hospital and needed better doctors.

However, she is now out of the hospital. She shared on her Instagram story: “I’m tired of all the tests being done on my body. I’m tired of being told that something is wrong but nothing is being done about it. I’m tired of feeling tired all the time, I’m tired of the pain and I’m tired of living like this every single day!

The singer started out as a subway singer in New York before appearing on American Idol. She had a tearful audition in front of judges Katy Perry, Lionel Richie, and Luke Bryan. She then gave a beautiful cover of Andra Day’s “Rise Up,” and bonded with Richie in particular during the audition. Diaz said that she was grateful that the judges had listened to her, and Richie shared that he was grateful that God put her in front of them.

They all prayed together, and the judges then gave Diaz a golden ticket. Diaz quickly became a fan-favorite throughout the competition, and went on to win the show that season.

‘American Idol’ Star Opens Up About Health Issues

“I kept on pushing, kept on singing, and look where it’s brought me. I hope to inspire all the little girls who believe their dreams can’t come true. Anyone can do it,” she said while on the show.

Since beginning her music career, Diaz has been very open about her health issues. She keeps fans updated on her social medias. She is sick of them, sharing on Instagram: “ONE DAY ITS ‘Nothing’ or ‘Normal’ for me to feel this pain and experience the symptoms that I’ve been experiencing,” Diaz said on Saturday. “And the next, it’s an ‘Emergency’ or ‘I could die’ if I don’t allow them to cut me open again like bruh I’m tired and in pain but I’m done with these doctors for real.”

Fans have been wishing the singer well in the comments, hoping she gets better soon.

She still posts videos of her singing in the subway, and people are amazed at her talent. She shared a video singing Alicia Keys’ “Girl on Fire” on Instagram with the caption: “October, 2021 #JustSam  #girlonfire 🔥 #aliciakeys
#samunderground #foryou #foryoupage #fyp
#fypシ #explore #music
#singing #trending #samantha #samanthadiaz #lgbt.”