‘American Pickers’: 1990s Skateboarding Posters Sold for a Surprising Price on the Show

by Craig Garrett

American Pickers has sold a lot of items over 22 seasons, but some classic extreme sports memorabilia went for a wild amount of cash. Since its debut in 2010, the reality show has featured many items. However, with a staggering 325 episodes and counting, it’s tough to have an item surprise viewers. A recent 2022 episode broke the mold with a truly original pick session.

In the Season 23 episode, “Skateboards and Gutter Balls,” the American Pickers crew visited a home in California to see a collection. In the middle of Mike and Robbie Wolfe’s assessment, the client pointed out something of interest. A stack of vintage posters he had collected from his family surf shop in the 1980s. Mike and Robbie instantly knew they had something after glancing at the classic skater art. This led to Mike calling up an old-school pro skater since 1980, Steve Caballero. A treasure trove of 1980s and 90s era skateboarding, the posters showcased many skateboarding heroes, including Tony Hawk. Some of the posters featured artists that would go on to do iconic album art for bands like Metallica. While Mike described the posters, Caballero confirmed values ranging from $150 and up.

The American Pickers agree to a hefty price tag

Of course, the owner heard all of these prices Caballero was telling Mike during their conversation, priming him for a negotiation. The Wolfe brothers quickly agreed to a price point of $2,800. Though that may sound steep for a pile of old posters, the American Pickers duo seemed confident in their purchase. The brothers speculated that when properly presented, the posters would go for much more. Mike Wolfe congratulated the owner for being thoughtful enough to keep and preserve the posters rather than tossing them out when the surf shop closed.

American Pickers shows no signs of stopping anytime soon. Some loyal fans feared the series would suffer after co-host Frank Fritz exited in 2021. However, Mike Wolfe’s brother, Robbie stepped up to fill in the gap. Despite the show’s long run, Mike still remembers his favorite pick fondly. “A few years back, I was reading a motorcycle magazine,” he told Southeastern Antiquing and Collecting Magazine in 2011. “There was a classified ad that read, “BUY-SELL-TRADE INDIAN MOTORCYLES.” I called the number,” Wolfe explained. “The older man who answered the phone said there were still a few rusty bikes out in the barn. I drove 800 miles, arriving in Pennsylvania the very next morning.” Wolfe goes on to describe the paydirt. “When the old farmer opened the barn door, I knew I had hit the mother lode: 10 vintage Indian bikes and two more barns full of spare parts-a mega pick of a lifetime.”

American Pickers airs on the History Channel.