‘American Pickers’: Check Out Frank Fritz’s Iowa Farmhouse

by Alex Falls

Even after his exit from American Pickers, Frank Fritz is still adored by fans of the show. His work ethic and eye for antiques along with his sense of humor endeared him to longtime viewers. Unfortunately, he was fired from the show and a very public feud with his former co-host Mike Wolfe followed. But things turned far more grim for his fans when he suffered a stroke and became hospitalized last month.

Fritz’s father just revealed Frank is now in stable condition. Although he did not provide any other updates, this does indicate Fritz is hopefully on the road to recovery. While he recuperates, the former picker has a beautiful property waiting for him.

Fritz got himself the humble farmhouse tucked away in the Iowa countryside back in May of 2010. According to The Sun, he bought the house for $130,000. The modest 1660-square-foot farmhouse sits on a small plot of land less than an acre with two bedrooms and one bathroom.

The house itself is modest, but Fritz spends on what he loves most: space for his collection. The farmhouse also holds three garages, a basement, a shed, and also a barn. Fritz renovated the property after purchasing it and later in 2013 bought an adjacent property worth $25,000 adding 0.34 acres of land to his home.

Then in 2015, Fritz built a warehouse with more than 3,000 square feet of storage on the property. The warehouse holds his collection of classic motorcycles along with many of the beloved antiques and toys he’s purchased over the years.

Fritz’s Life Before the Stroke

Fritz might have been unceremoniously let go from American Pickers, but in the aftermath of his exit, he became a happier and healthier person. He went under the knife for major back surgery that left him with 185 stitches and two rods in his spine. After recovering, he lost 65 pounds and even attended rehab to begin a journey of sobriety.

“I didn’t like drinking anymore,” Fritz said after completing his rehab treatment. “My mom was an alcoholic and she died five years ago and it was alcohol-related. My grandfather was an alcoholic and he died. That didn’t sit well with me.”

Fritz went on to say he will likely never have another drink in his life. He no longer liked the feeling of being under the influence. He wanted to put the “dumb things” he did behind him and look forward to the future.

“I’m feeling really good. Life is good and I’d like to get back into the swing of things,” Fritz said at the time. “I wish I had done it five years ago, I would have been a different person. It was the best thing for me and I wish I had done it sooner or I wouldn’t be in the position that I am right now.”