‘American Pickers’ Danielle Colby Has One Discomforting Obsession

by Alex Falls

Danielle Colby is best known for American Pickers. The long-running reality TV series on History Channel sees her dig through people’s basements, junkyards, barns, and garages in a never-ending treasure hunt for antique gold. Nicknamed the Queen of Rust, Colby has been featured on the show since it debut in 2010. She’s long been a favorite personality for fans of the show.

Colby might be best remembered for her treasure hunting, but her interests extend far behind antiques. Her passions also include history, activism, fashion, dancing, and being a great mother. Her fans love to see her share her passions on TV, but she has another interest that many of them might find odd. One of her obsessions would probably make a lot of her fans squirm.

She’s also known for her many tattoos. Eagle-eyed viewers might have noticed the fly on her left arm. It turns out, bugs are one of Colby’s favorite things. She’s even a passionate entomologist and entomophile. In other words, she loves bugs and learning everything about them. She plans on most of the ink going on her left arm becoming mostly dedicated to insects.

Bugs might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Colby’s interest in antiques and digging through the dirt lines up with her interest in insects. She’s probably encountered countless critters digging through barns and junk piles. She’s a woman of many tastes, but bugs might just be her creepiest.

Danielle Colby’s Many Interests

Antiques and bugs are just the start for Colby’s passions. She’s also a lover of all things fashion and design. In between treks across the country searching for America’s treasures, she takes every opportunity to go in front of the cameras and model her favorite looks.

Her Instagram is filled with looks at her glamorous photo shoots. Most recently, she posted this exclusive look at her recent modeling work.

“I’m home and resting! I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am to be back home. Even though spending family time was much needed,” Colby wrote in the post. “A little behind-the-scenes photo from my shoot with @goldframephoto , though this shot was a quick snapshot taken by my partner in crime for the day, I can’t WAIT to share the official photos once they’re ready. Behind the scenes pics available now on Patreon.”

With her popularity on American Pickers and her love of being in front of the camera, perhaps she could host a show about different bugs and critters. Viewers would probably flock to any project she signs up for regardless of how creepy-crawly the subject matter might be.