‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Shares Rare Photo With Fiancée Jeremy Scheuch From the Hospital

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

If you are looking for Danielle Colby of American Pickers fame, then she’s going to still be in the hospital recovering from recent surgery. Colby posted a new picture on her Instagram account on Wednesday. In it, she’s looking coyly into the camera’s lens. Jeremy Scheuch, her fiancée, can be seen in the photo. We don’t see him very much in the public eye so it’s sweet to see them together. And he’s got a snazzy T-shirt featuring the cast of The Golden Girls, too.

Colby wrote, “Happy Wednesday everyone! How’s your week so far?” Fans were quite effusive in their praise and hope for Colby’s continued healing from a hysterectomy. Colby also is dealing with uterine fibroids. One wrote, “miss ya hugsss”. Another fan said, “Hang in there. Wishing you a speedy recovery.” And this one wrote, “Going well. I hope your days are finding you in improving health”. We all do wish Danielle a speedy recovery from her surgical procedure.

Danielle Colby of ‘American Pickers’ Had Previously Shared Health Update

Back in October, Colby posted a health update from the hospital. In it, she made really clear that she was quite grateful for her situation at the time. She then directed people to visit her Patreon account for more details about her health journey. But we did get a little bit more information from Fox News about it all.

Colby wrote that four months earlier, she had been chatting with Leticia or Tish, the girlfriend of American Pickers host Mike Wolfe. She said that she (Colby) was having a tough time managing her menstrual cycles. Colby said it seemed “like I was always bleeding.” She admitted to being in a lot of pain. Colby also said that it felt like she was being held back from opportunities. Why? She couldn’t figure out how to control the amount of pain that she was living with at the time.

While Colby has been a presence on the History Channel show for a period of time, she’s not on there right now. You will be able to see Mike hang out with his brother, Robbie Wolfe, there. We don’t have a timeframe for Colby’s return to American Pickers. One thing that we do know is that ratings have not been as high as they have been in the past. That’s not on Colby so much. Fans are still ticked off that Frank Fritz is no longer around. They really wanted him to come on back but that’s not going to happen. But they will be looking for Colby to come on back after she has recovered from her hospital stay.