‘American Pickers’ Star Danielle Colby Recalls Photoshoot from the Beginning of the Show’s Run

by Joe Rutland

Danielle Colby has been a part of American Pickers pretty much since the show’s beginning and plays a larger role these days. But the costar of the show, who has also worked alongside Mike Wolfe in his store, is looking back on Wednesday. She went on her Instagram account and shared a photo from a photoshoot done at the start. Yes, when American Pickers first hit the airwaves on the History Channel. Some longtime fans might even consider those early seasons as the show’s glory years. Still, Colby was in a reflective mood and posted this snap.

She writes, in part, “Remembering back to this photo shoot. It was right at the beginning of Pickers and I remember having a lot of feelings about this shoot and myself afterwards. Now, over years later I feel differently.” One fan comments, “Ye Old “Saloon Gal” outfit..smooooth.. you look great own it!” Another simply states, “That looks just stunning”. Colby is getting a little more air time along with Mike Wolfe’s brother Robbie.

‘American Pickers’ Gets Another Addition With Mike Wolfe’s Dog

As these longtime fans also know, Frank Fritz does not have a role on American Pickers anymore. Mike’s been having these two people fill in that space. But American Pickers follows Mike as he goes all over the place “picking” through antiques and collectibles. His adventures are well documented on the show. These days, he’s also got a new travel partner with him on the road. Francie Jo Wolfe is a real howl to watch with her being the top dog in Mike’s life. Back in April, he celebrated National Pet Day with a selfie with his “road dog best friend.” Mike writes in a caption, “Road dog best friend. She came into my life two years ago and she’s been a gift from above. Happy National pet day Francie.”

There are many interesting deals that go down on the show. One time, Wolfe paid a surprising amount for amusement park clowns. You know that Mike and the gang find many cool items in their travels. All this happened in a Season 23 episode called Picking Frisco. We see Mike and Robbie go rummaging in a warehouse in the fine state of California. In there, they find two clown figurines that were part of Playland at the Beach, an amusement park. People would win a prize if they tossed a ball successfully in a clown’s mouth. Buying these clowns ends up costing Mike $2,000. Viewers get to see these types of deals get made all the time. But how they take place just adds to the drama, too.