‘American Pickers’ Fans Are Loving Mike Wolfe’s New Pic After His Recent Trip Back to Iowa

by Joe Rutland

Upon seeing this latest picture from American Pickers star Mike Wolfe, fans are really loving what he’s sharing right here. Wolfe, who recently made a trip back to Iowa, shows off some porch lights. But these aren’t normal ones. As you can tell, they are quite colorful in their look. Put a light bulb inside this and watch your front porch urn into a disco dance hall. Or, well, maybe you could host some fun parties and have these lights add to the effect. Let’s take a look and see what Mike is saying about this refurbished porch light.

Speaking of those American Pickers fans, what are some of them saying after seeing this on their Sunday morning Instagram feed? One writes, “Killer lights!!” We agree that those lights are pretty rad to us, too. Another fan says, “I remember those from the pick, always thought they were so cool!!!!!” And one more for the road? Why not? This fan states, “Sweet .. the color that’s gonna dance all over that porch will be like a disco flashback ..looove it !”

‘American Pickers’ Fans Keeping Their Eyes on Frank Fritz’s Health

So, if you are on the hunt for some porch lights that will rock the house, then look for this or others in your corner of the world. You never know what you will find among the antique and collectible “picks” that you go on. American Pickers shows the entire spectrum of items that people might hide away. Mike, along with his costars Robbie Wolfe, his brother, and Danielle Colby, have a way of making the shows filled with interest.

These days, there are some longtime show fans who are concerned about Frank Fritz. Of course, those who have been hanging around American Pickers for a few seasons know that Frank is a former cohost. The “former” part still sticks in some fans’ thoughts. Still, Fritz is beloved for his time there. Sadly, he’s been undergoing some serious health situations. He recently suffered a stroke and is currently hospitalized because of it.

Mike Wolfe did take to Instagram and offer his prayers for his friend. He did make it clear that there had been a lot written about their friendship, but he wasn’t addressing those concerns there. The focus of his message seemed to simply inform people about Frank’s health. But there were fans bringing out the metaphorical pitchforks for Mike. But he and even Colby herself sent out encouraging messages. Colby even encourages Frank to “keep fighting.” We do wish the best for Frank at this time. When we get an update on his health, then we’ll pass it along to you.