‘American Pickers’ Fans Clamor for Frank Fritz’s Return During New Episode

by Taylor Cunningham

American Pickers is officially back for its 24th season. But despite the major milestone, fans can’t see past one glaring issue—Frank Fritz is still missing.

It has been a year since the scorned co-host made his dramatic exit. Initially, he stopped working in 2020, but people believed he was only taking a break from the series. Not only had he been struggling with symptoms of Chrone’s Disease, but he also underwent a major back surgery that gave him two rods in his spine. And he needed time to recover.

But after the months passed without any mention of Fritz, Wolfe finally revealed in July of 2021 that he would not return. And Wolfe’s brother, Robbie, stepped in to cover the hole.

But despite the fact that it’s clear that we’ll never see a new American Pickers starring Frank Fritz, people cannot get over the exit. And with the debut of the new season, they made sure to let Wolfe know how they feel.

Ahead of the episode, the American Pickers gave a teaser clip about what’s in store. And nearly every comment under the video mentioned Frank Fritz.

“Is Frank back?” one commenter asked. “Not the same without Frank,” “Don’t see Frank???” “Bring back the bearded charmer,” reads some others.

“Stupid mistake, Mike,” another person added. “We all loved the show mostly for your lifelong friendship with Frankey. This is like Martin and Lewis breaking up. Now, you’re just a guy making fake finds at staged locations. You really blew it.”

Then yesterday, the Twitter account posted a scene from the premiere. And once again, it was met with angry former fans who want Fritz back by Wolfe’s side.

“Frank? Not at all the same without him…hard to watch but good luck,” a follower wrote before another added that “just like everyone else,” they’re not watching until the series brings “Frank back.”

Frank Fritz’s ‘American Pickers’ Exit is Permanent

Unfortunately, it seems impossible that Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz will ever put aside their difference and reunite. When Wolfe finally revealed that his childhood friend was no longer a part of the series, he shared that he will miss him and prayed for “the very best” during “the next part of his journey.” But as time went on, it became clear that bad blood was the root of the exit.

During a candid interview with The Sun, Fritz admitted that he and his old pal were no longer on speaking terms. And he admitted that he held a lot of resentment over their falling out. Fritz also added that Wolfe didn’t even call to check in after Fritz had his brutal surgery.

Frank Fritz also shared that American Pickers always placed his co-star’s needs and wants over his own, and that made the environment difficult to work in.

Later, Mike Wolfe finally admitted that Fritz’s alcoholism is what led to their feud. And according to reports, Wolfe had tried to fix their friendship, but Fritz had no interest. Because of that, his exit became permanent.