‘American Pickers’ Fans React to Death of Mike Wolfe’s ‘Mentor’ and Costar Bob Petersen

by Joe Rutland
(Photo Courtesy Getty Images)

American Pickers fans are offering their condolences to host Mike Wolfe after he revealed that Bob Petersen has died. Wolfe would go on his Instagram account and offer a very touching tribute to Petersen. In fact, he would consider him a “mentor” in his life. And boy, couldn’t we all use more mentors at times? But let’s get a head start by reviewing what Wolfe would share with the world.

“A few days ago we lost a man that we looked to as a mentor,” Wolfe wrote. “Not just with mechanical things but in how we should live our lives. Bob was an example to us as someone that loved life and seized each day with so much passion. Always there to help with such conviction and of course humor. He was from an era that we can only romanticize about now. My life and so many others lives were better with him in it… He will be greatly missed. I love you my friend.”

‘American Pickers’ Fans Pour Their Hearts Out For Petersen

After seeing this posted on both Instagram and Twitter, fans were offering their words of tenderness and compassion. One fan wrote, “awwwwww I remember him – what a wonderful sense of humor – sorry for your loss- RIP !!!!” Antother fan said, “Awwww thats so sad. He was a joy to watch when he was on the show”. This fan offered these words about Mike’s sad news” “R.I.P Bob I remember the day Robbie and Bob done the Rolls Royce and the Johnny Popper John Deer tractor”. More fan reactions flowed in on Saturday afternoon and evening. This person said, “He had an infectious laugh. I enjoyed every episode he was in. He will be missed.”

Yes, there’s no doubt that Bob Petersen will be missed as a very important guest to the world of American Pickers. We have more fan reactions to his death. This one said, “So sorry to hear this. I always enjoyed his appearances on the show.” Another one wrote, “Men like Bob were my heroes. Fortunate to have learned so much from these great men. Rest in peace Bob.” This fan simply wrote, “Ah damn. I’m sorry. One heck of a guy.”

People love to watch Mike, his brother Robbie Wolfe, and Danielle Colby get busy while “picking” antiques and collectibles. The love and dedication that these fans have for the show really is amazing. They never tire of showing how much Mike and his crew mean to them. Of course, Petersen was part of this crew as well. When he showed up, those were special moments. As you can tell by the fan reaction, they loved seeing him, too.