‘American Pickers’ Fans Rip New Pics of Robbie Wolfe, Demand Frank Fritz’s Return

by Joe Rutland

It appears that American Pickers fans are not quite over seeing Frank Fritz get fired and they’re talking about it on Twitter. We have some new pictures of Mike Wolfe and his brother Robbie Wolfe together. Yeah, these viewers are just about fed up with Robbie and want him gone in a hurry. While we have no word about that happening, there is some reaction that we’ll share with you, too. Let’s take a look at what American Pickers is laying down with some pictures.

So, you have some advance looks at an upcoming episode from the show that will air on the History Channel. Yet fans are not in the mood for Robbie at all. Can he please go away, they are saying? Maybe some of them are screaming that he should get the boot. Heaven knows, they want Frank back today. OK, so here are some fans and their latest comments.

Fans of ‘American Pickers’ Better Not Hold Their Breath About Fritz’s Return

For fans of the show who want Fritz to come on back, well, you know that he is rehabbing after suffering a stroke. This is along with other health-related matters that have sent him to a hospital and rehab. Wolfe was the first person to publicly speak out about his friend’s stroke.

If you were hoping that this would bring Wolfe to his senses and put Frank back on American Pickers, then you will be disappointed. He did not make any statement about Frank’s possible return. In fact, his sole focus was to inform the public and ask for prayers for Fritz. Wolfe did not go into any further comment about his relationship with Fritz. But Wolfe did admit that there had been a lot of things written and said about it.

Robbie Wolfe and Danielle Colby are busy in their roles of cohosts. Still, if Mike could make one move that would please the entire fan base of his show, then it would be to bring Fritz back to the TV family. Yet we should just let you know that it looks like he has no plans to do so. Therefore, for fans like those who commented under the main show announcement for American Pickers on Twitter, they are going to be sad. There’s apparently no turning back the clock when it comes to Frank Fritz. You do have choices: Keep watching the show or just drop it from your programming schedule. If we hear that Frtiz is being welcomed back, then we will let you know. Until then, enjoy the show.