‘American Pickers’ Fans Are Sick of Mike Wolfe’s Brother

by Taylor Cunningham

Frank Fritz’s replacement on American Pickers has been with the series for only two years. And he’s already facing some serious backlash.

When drama broke out between Frank and his longtime friend and castmate Mike, Frank made a surprising exit. And his absence left a hole in the series. So Mike’s brother Robbie stepped in to help the crew traverse the country in search of dusty treasures.

Technically, Robbie wasn’t new to fans when he took his permanent place on camera. He had been making guest appearances since the show debuted in 2009. So when American Pickers transitioned him into full-time status, the producers believed he’d be a natural fit. However, that hasn’t been the case.

From the start, viewers have had lackluster feelings about Robbie. But when Mike announced that Frank had suffered a stroke, feelings about the new host went from lukewarm to cold.

As Mike and the series continued posting teasers and photos on social media, after Frank’s hospitalization, followers started leaving scathing comments about Robbie along with wishes that Mike and Frank would finally bury the hatchet. And after Mike posted a promo for the most recent installment, people just cut to the chase. They told Mike to fire Robbie already.

Former ‘American Pickers’ are Boycotting the Series

“Is Robbie in this episode?” one person asked. “If so I just can’t watch. He should not be on camera. Leave him to come and pick up cars. That’s where he belongs! Ratings drop are directly tied to him.”

“No one is really interested in your show anymore. You turned to nepotism and turned you’re back on a childhood friend then tried to show sympathy when he fell ill. Shame on you,” another added. “And [your] brother’s post was in bad taste. Timing.”

The above comment refers to an Instagram post that Robbie made just yesterday (July 30). In it, he’s posing with a group of Elvis impersonators, which left a bad impression on people who believe he should be worrying about his old pal Frank who is still fighting for his life.

As the comments continued to roll in under the Twitter post, former fans grew increasingly more volatile. People called Mike’s shops “tourist traps.” And they claimed that there are no genuine people left in the cast. Several people also vowed to tune out unless Frank returns.

And unfortunately, if Frank comes back, that means that poor Robbie will have to go.

“Fire your brother for god sake!! He sucks the life out of the show,” another follower wrote. “Boring as all get out!!!!”