‘American Pickers’ Fans Sound Off on Robbie Wolfe’s Video Ahead of Tonight’s New Episode

by Joe Rutland

If it is a Saturday night, then you better believe it’s time for a new episode of American Pickers and Robbie Wolfe is here to speak up. Robbie, who is the brother of longtime host and star Mike Wolfe, shared this video on Instagram. In it, he reminds all of us that there’s a new episode coming out. It’s going to be a good one for sure. But we will share a little information about it – consider it a teaser – in a minute. Right now, let’s take a minute and listen to what Robbie is talking about in this clip.

For this new episode, we are going to see Robbie and Jersey Jon head into a place run by a man named Tommy. When the cameras happen to catch up him, he invites fans into his “black hole” of stuff. Why would he use that term? Because when things come into his place, they usually don’t leave. It mysteriously sounds like a little riff of an old classic rock song. But Robbie ends up asking Tommy about a piece in his store. He’s quite interested in it. Will Tommy end up making a deal with Robbie or Jersey Jon? That’s what is called a teaser or cliffhanger in the world of TV.

Fan Base Waits For New Saturday Night Episode of ‘American Pickers’

Yet there is a temperature worth taking to see if fans are interested in this episode of American Pickers. We get a chance to look in the comments section of Robbie’s post and look at what some of these fans are saying. After all, making sure the fans are happy matters to Mike, Robbie, Jersey Jon, and Danielle Colby. What are these fans saying? One wrote, “Allways good to see your new pics”. A couple of other fans said, “Cant wait”. This one wrote, “Awesome!”

We all get a chance to tune into the History Channel on Saturday night and see what is happening here. Dull moments don’ happen too much on this show. Mike and his crew are always digging and “picking” for new antiques and collectibles in the most unique places. As viewers, we are all witnesses to the interactions between people who own this stuff and Mike and Robbie.

Longtime American Pickers fans love the show and keep watching. But the ratings are not as high as they have been in the past. Why? Some fans are not happy that Frank Fritz is still not showing up. Fritz suffered a stroke and remains hospitalized at this time. Still, there are American Pickers fans who definitely want Fritz on there. Some of them are simply tired of seeing Robbie and maybe even good old Jersey Jon, too.