‘American Pickers’ Fans Weigh in on Robbie Wolfe’s ‘Farm Life’ Pics

by Joe Rutland

Robbie Wolfe of American Pickers has been receiving a lot of criticism about being on the show but that takes a backseat here. Speaking of backseats, Wolfe is showing off a car that he’s had in storage. For him, this is a reflection of what he calls “farm life” in the caption. Fans are having their own reactions to seeing this sweet ride. We’ll get to those in a minute but let’s look at what Wolfe is writing here about this old car.

One fan wrote, “First time we pulled into le Claire, you were pulling a red Isetta on a trailer into the shop. You walked around and no one said a thing to you. I asked for a pic with my kids, and we talked for 1/2 an hour. Good times!” What a sweet memory from some time spent with Robbie in the fantastic city of Le Claire, Iowa. This fan said, “My dad had one that used to be a Shriners car”. Another fan wrote, “Neeed one!!!” Well, if this person does, then they can reach out and chat with this cohost of American Pickers. As you know, Robbie appears on the History Channel show with his brother, Mike Wolfe. Meanwhile, Danielle Colby also is along for the fun, too.

Robbie Wolfe of ‘American Pickers’ Offered An Update On Frank Fritz

Now, if you are wondering about Robbie’s future with the show, then it looks pretty good. He is not going anywhere anytime soon. Fans have been squawking about Robbie being on there. A lot of them want to see Frank Fritz come on back and saddle up next to Mike.

They long for the “good old days” of this popular show. As much as they would like to see Frank return, that’s not in the cards. Frank suffered a stroke recently and is hospitalized so he can rehab his way back to a good life. But you also might know that Mike happened to tell everyone about Frank’s condition. He even asked for people’s prayers for his friend. In late July, Robbie Wolfe offered an update on the former American Pickers host. “Frank is in the hospital recovering from a stroke, he’s improving every day,” Robbie happened to write in another Instagram post. “Keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he goes down the road to recovery.”

While some viewers might snicker at Robbie’s tender note, it appears that both Wolfe brothers care about Frank. The same goes for Colby. Of course, people will make comments regarding the fact that Frank was fired from the show. Many of them don’t want to see this show again without Frank on board. Well, he’s not coming back anytime soon.