‘American Pickers’: Frank Fritz’s Motorcycle Knowledge Led to a Great Price on a Bike

by Emily Morgan

After countless hours examining decades-old relics, the “American Pickers” cast has gotten pretty good at rummaging for unique finds. For instance, Mike Wolfe and former “Pickers” star Frank Fritz spent over a decade trekking across the country to get their hands on exciting pieces they could share with their viewers.

Throughout “American Pickers,” fans go along with the cast as they dig through someone’s garage or old shed. As the show plays out, the Pickers might stumble upon a relic with great value if they’re lucky. However, after locating the treasure, that’s only half the battle. They later have to haggle and negotiate a price with the seller. Finally, if they’re successful, they get to bring back the item to Antique Archaeology. 

However, what’s more impressive than their negotiating skills is their general knowledge of the countless items they come in contact with. Whether they’re looking at pairs of vintage Levi’s or a classic car, the Pickers seem to know a little bit about everything. In addition to making it fun to watch, it also helped them get a deal on an iconic motorcycle frame.

Seller puts Fritz and Wolfe to the test on ‘American Pickers’

Any fan of “Pickers” will know that Mike Wolfe is a motorcycle enthusiast, so when he and Fritz came across the chopper part during the season 5 episode titled “Knuckleheads,” he was more than excited. As it turns out, Wolfe and Fritz come across an old motorcycle frame that the seller wants to sell for $200. However, Wolfe only wanted to pay $100.

While the seller was willing to negotiate some, it wasn’t enough for Wolfe. However, the show took a turn when Wolfe did something unconventional for the Pickers. The seller offers to let the frame go for their price point under a condition. If the Pickers can correctly identify another motorcycle, they win the part.

If they can’t identify it, then they must buy the frame for $150. While, in essence, it’s not a ton of extra money, so the pair decide to go ahead with the seller’s game. After taking a moment to contemplate, Fritz ends up correctly naming the item as a reverse gear. 

Afterward, the seller couldn’t hide how impressed he was and revealed that only six of these components were ever made in history.

If anyone ever thought that Fritz didn’t know his stuff, this episode undoubtedly changed that opinion. At the end of the episode, he saved the team a whopping $50 on the purchase. 

Sadly, don’t hold your breath if you’re hoping for a reunion between Fritz and Wolfe. The feud between the Pickers is reportedly still going on, meaning neither Fritz nor Wolfe will reunite anytime soon. According to reports, Wolfe has not been in contact with Fritz since he was fired.