‘American Pickers’ Alum Frank Fritz Reportedly ‘Fixes Up’ Antique Store After Receiving Harsh Reviews

by Joe Rutland

Getting back into the swing of things in life has been important to former American Pickers star Frank Fritz and he’s been busy. Mainly, a big chunk of his focus has been on his Illinois-based antique store. It’s called Frank Fritz Finds. Yes, Fritz also has been dealing with some harsh reviews left on Google. Reportedly, though, he had been working on fixing up the shop. According to The Sun, some earlier reviews said that the store had “cheap” items and also dealt with “disorganization.”

Well, Frank must have taken all of that criticism to heart. He went to work and did some cleaning up around his location. What have the reviews been like recently? A whole lot better. One person writes, “Much improved. Hard to find items. Great prices. Looking for something, just ask. They will find virtually anything. Highly recommend. Sent lots of customers. Never heard a negative word. People thanked for sending them to store.”

Frank Fritz of ‘American Pickers’ Gets Rave Reviews For Improved Store

For another view, we get this observation. “Food and service was excellent! We bought a couple of Frank’s antiques as well. Much more fun and affordable than Mike Wolfes Antique Archeology in Nashville. We miss Frank!” a customer writes. That probably makes Frank feel better after his hard work and effort. Getting some better reviews will lead people to go visit his location more.

That also would result in more business for Fritz. Here’s what an earlier pre-fixed-up review said about Frank Fritz Finds. “If I were Frank I would be ashamed to have my name put on this place. What a joke. We traveled over 2 hours to come here. Don’t waste your time!!!” Woof. Here’s hoping those changes that have been made are ones that will stick.

Meanwhile, you know that Fritz was fired from American Pickers and has been busy working on his health. He’s staying sober these days and has dealt with his alcohol addiction issues. In The Sun article, Fritz admits that he spent 77 days in a substance abuse treatment center in Iowa. Previously, he has said, “I went to rehab and I’ve been sober now for 11 months. I didn’t like drinking anymore. My mom was an alcoholic and she died five years ago and it was alcohol-related. My grandfather was an alcoholic and he died.” Sure, longtime fans of American Pickers would love to see him back on the show but that’s not happening. Mike Wolfe has moved along with other cohosts like his brother Robbie Wolfe and Danielle Colby. The best bet for Fritz would be getting his own TV show. Should he remain sober and feeling better, there’s no reason that he could not get one going soon.