‘American Pickers’: Frank Fritz Once Spent $10K for a Dodge Truck on the Show

by Sean Griffin

The American Pickers know their way around the backroads of America—and they know their way around a negotiation. In the dozens of seasons since the show first aired in 2010, Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz have made countless deals on diamonds in the rough that have been neglected in junkyards and hoarder heaps across America.

While Mike and Frank collect a wide variety of items, automobiles are typically their most valuable and sought-after items. For example, Mike’s recent purchase of a 1939 Ford Coupe will surely reap financial benefits for him post-restoration. Additionally, one Season 18 episode chronicles Mike’s dual purchases of a classic Indian motorcycle and a 1954 Dodge truck.

However, it’s not always Mike dropping big money on vehicles. A season 12 episode called “Rocket Man” shows that Frank isn’t afraid to spend cash on classic cars.

American Pickers: Frank’s A-100 Purchase

In this episode, Frank buys a Dodge A-100 truck. The Dodge A-100s, a line of vans produced from 1964 to 1970, garnered attention for its iconic look. However, the company also manufactured a truck model which shortens the A-100 body and adds a truck bed, leaving a unique product. In the episode, both American Pickers are delighted by the sight of the rare truck. He and Mike test the truck to see if it runs, and it does.

As Frank realizes it won’t require much repair, the truck becomes appealing for him. Frank initially offers $10,000, countering the seller’s asking price of $12,500. Frank and the owner eventually meet in the middle at $11,000, and both parties walk away happy. In the episode, Frank reveals that he plans on selling the truck for $15,000. He says that he hopes to walk away with over $3,000 in profit after repairs.

Once repaired, the orange Dodge A-100 truck will surely be an interesting sight humming down the highway.