‘American Pickers’: Frank Fritz’s Friend Speaks Out About His Reaction to Stroke Going Public

by Megan Molseed

Former American Pickers star Frank Fritz has been facing a long road of recovery after suffering a stroke earlier this summer. Now, the former History channel star is delivering a message to fans. He spoke out via a longtime friend who revealed that he is continuing to get better each day.

In this recently released statement, the friend – who wishes to remain anonymous – notes that the 58-year-old Iowa native is very determined on his road to recovery. A road, the source notes, that remains a challenging one for the Davenport Iowa native.

“He would like everyone to know he continues to get better every day,” the source reveals. The release notes that Fritz is “very determined,” in his healing process.

“He really is getting better every single day,” the statement adds.

American Picker Star Mike Wolfe Reveals Fritz’s Health Concerns In July

News that Frank Fritz had suffered a stroke was revealed this summer when his former American Pickers cohost, Mike Wolfe shared the news on social media. Fritz and Wolfe had cohosted the hit History Channel series for over a decade. However, Fritz exited the series last fall.

In the statement, the source close to Frank Fritz notes the former American Pickers host is still not prepared to get candid about his condition. However, the source notes that he is “grateful for all the prayers and well wishes.”

And, the statement notes that Fritz has a suggestion for anyone hoping to help on his road to recovery. This suggestion? Donating to – or adopting from – his local Scott County Iowa Humane Society. In fact, the TV star is hoping to adopt a furry buddy in the future himself.

“On his road to recovery, he is asking (fans) to donate or to adopt a pet from our local Humane Society of Scott County,” the statement notes.

“As he is planning on adopting a cat in the near future,” the friend adds. “This is an organization that he is very passionate about.”

Frank Fritz Has Long Had A Passion For Helping His Local Humane Society

Frank Fritz has long shared his love for cats. And, he is now hoping this health crisis that has thrust him back into the spotlight will inspire people to donate to the local Humane Society. His goal is to turn this crisis into “something positive.” Those hoping to donate can visit https://hssc.us/ways-to-give.

“Again,” the friend adds in the release, “Thank you for all the prayers.”