‘American Pickers’: This Great Depression-Era Scooter Sold for a Surprising Price

by Blake Ells

Mike Wolfe and his former American Pickers co-host Frank Fritz have spent a lot of money on motorcycles. The duo also scored some deals on vintage bikes over the years. Frank had a deep knowledge of bikes, and that often gave him an advantage in haggling with folks that didn’t know the value of their property.

In a season three episode titled “Keep Out,” the duo find themselves in Tennessee dealing with a man named Joe. They find plenty on Joe’s property, including classic cars. But it’s a Depression-era Moto-Scoot scooter that Frank has his eye on. The scooters were manufactured by Chicago’s American Moto-Scoot between World War I and World War II. The scooters were designed to be easy to use, and they weren’t expensive. This one isn’t in good condition, but it’s a rare find.

Joe wants $1,500 for it, while Frank offers $850. They meet in the middle at $1,000. But Frank knows he can get a minimum of $1,700 for it, and potentially as much as $2,200. It’s another great find for the crew. Check out photos of the scooter here.

Frank Fritz Finds

Frank Fritz has been hard at work on his own shop since leaving American Pickers. The shop took a lot of criticism when it opened in online reviews, but he’s spent a lot of time improving the place and the reception has matched. It’s in Illinois and it’s called Frank Fritz Finds.

Fritz says that he’s sober now. But Mike Wolfe has moved on with new co-hosts, like his brother Robbie and Dani. He’ll surely have other co-hosts along the way in coming seasons, but don’t look for Fritz to be among them. Perhaps Frank will get his own show from his Illinois shop.

Meanwhile, Mike Wolfe recently celebrated his 11th year at his Nashville shop. The shop was the first real step for Wolfe beyond his Iowa home. Antique Archaeology in Nashville was made possible by the show’s loyal audience, Wolfe assures.

The show is expanding its footprint. Recently, it received a trademark for merchandise. That includes puzzles, board games, model cars, sports balls and action figures. The new trademark is in addition to existing merchandise which included books, mugs, hand bags and more. Maybe the next expansion is into the world of a spin-off series.

All-New ‘American Pickers’ on Saturday

All-new episodes of American Pickers begin on Saturday. We know the crew will spend time in Selma, Alabama and out in Arizona during the first episode. In Alabama, Mike and Jersey discover a massive collection of petroliana. In Arizona, Dani and Robbie find an Arizona property with steam engines. The Arizona property has a ton of farm equipment.

The new season premieres on Saturday at 9 p.m. ET.