‘American Pickers’ Host Mike Wolfe Debuts New Look: PHOTO

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images)

Most of us are thoroughly set in our ways when it comes to our looks. We have a certain hairstyle, wardrobe, and general appearance that we adopt as our personal style. Not American Pickers star Mike Wolfe, though. Wolfe spends his days exploring the country, collecting oddities and antiques of all shapes and sizes, and does so while making frequent tweaks to his hair and attire.

Pictures of the professional treasure hunter are few and far between, adding to the illusion that he changes his look on a daily basis. In one picture, he’s sporting glasses, stubble, and salt-and-pepper hair. And in the next, he’s freshly shaven and glasses-free, with hair that appears almost white.

His look changes so often, in fact, that a recent screen grab had American Pickers fans thinking he had gone platinum blonde – after all, would it really be that out of character?

With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that in the most recent picture of Mike Wolfe, the treasure hunter is unrecognizable yet again. The photo was posted by Mike Wolfe’s brother and American Pickers costar Robbie Wolfe in celebration of the younger Wolfe’s birthday.

“Happy Birthday Big brother,” Robbie wrote alongside an endearing shot of the brothers sharing an embrace. “Love you. Hope your day is spent RELAXING.”

Yes, Robbie Wolfe, who’s three or four years older than 58-year-old Mike, referred to him as his “big brother”. It’s a running joke between the two that reoccurs each time one of them celebrates a birthday. You’re never too old for inside jokes with a sibling.

Mike Wolfe’s ‘American Pickers’ Remains on Hiatus

Since 2010, countless viewers have tuned in each week to catch the latest finds of Mike Wolfe and his colleagues on American Pickers. The show was massively popular, largely thanks to the chemistry between and individual personalities of Mike Wolfe and his close friend Frank Fritz, along with other beloved cast members like Danielle Colby.

Frank Fritz, however, was unexpectedly fired from the show back in 2021, despite being a clear favorite among fans. Mike Wolfe replaced Frank with his brother, Robbie Wolfe. But fans feel the show lost a great deal of its charm and appeal with the shift.

Many fans hated the change so much that they threatened to boycott the Frank Fritz-less version of American Pickers. And it appears they were true to their word, as ratings have continued to plummet ever since.

The marked decline in ratings has led to an uncertain future for the popular reality show. After more than a decade of consistent episodes, a new installment to the franchise hasn’t aired since mid-September.

When one fan asked when new episodes would air, the response from the American Pickers account was less than promising. “We’re not sure yet,” they said. “But you can catch up online while you wait. Thanks for being a fan!”