‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe’s Brother Robbie Shares Big Update on His Latest Project

by Joe Rutland

Robbie Wolfe of American Pickers does a lot more than just hang around with his brother Mike Wolfe on the History Channel show. He’s also busy with other projects in his life. Robbie recently shared an update on something he’s working on in his own shop. From the looks of it, the neon lights are going to be pretty bright.

‘American Pickers’ Host Robbie Wolfe Shares Some Jersey Jon Wisdom

We will keep our eyes open for any other updates from Robbie Wolfe on this project and pass them along. Meanwhile, Robbie thought it would be cool to share some wisdom from Jersey Jon. “Always good to be on the Road with Jersey So wise for his age. With age comes wisdom.” Jersey Jon is antique expert Jon Szalay from New Jersey. He also specializes in motorcycles and other vehicles. 

Speaking of other vehicles, Robbie was down in Alabama when he came across a Corvette graveyard. This is where you find cars that once were dynamite on the road. Now they are put in the back lots of trees and leaves. What some mechanics and old-school car owners would not do to have these in their hands. He put up a photo of these on Instagram and Robbie writes, “If cars could talk these have had a ruff [sic] life in Alabama. Corvette grave yard [sic].”

Mike Wolfe Offers Up Some Kind Words About His Brother

What does Mike think of his brother Robbie wearing him out? The American Pickers host talked about it in an interview. “My brother is really incredible,” Mike Wolfe says. “He’s always wearing me out. He’s always on a pick, or he’s at a soccer game or he’s running another business that he has. People think I have energy. He’s got way more energy than I do.”

He’s going to find cars and share what new picks are in his collection. Back in February, though, he shared a piece of true Americana from the film industry. It happened to be an antique paper mache of actor-dancer Fred Astaire. This is one thing that you have to see to believe indeed. His caption with the photo reads, “Fred [Astaire] [paper mache] made for a movie theater to promote his [movies] back in the 50s. Incredible condition. HAPPY MONDAY!!”

A little more about Robbie. He received a big boost from the firing of Frank Fritz on the show. Robbie has run his own landscaping business for years. Well, when Frank was ousted, Robbie moved from being an occasional guest on the show to co-host next to his brother.