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‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Celebrates Co-Star and ‘Little Brother’ Robbie Wolfe’s Birthday

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Ovation)

Mike Wolfe is not only Robbie Wolfe’s brother but also his American Pickers costar and close friend. And, like any siblings, Robbie and Mike have plenty of running jokes. One of the many inside jokes between them is that Mike is Robbie’s older brother. In actuality, Robbie was born in 1960, four years before his younger brother Mike, who was born in 1964.

In honor of Mike Wolfe’s birthday back in November, Robbie took to Instagram to post about his “big” brother. “Happy Birthday to my big brother so full of life and always willing to teach me about life love you brother,” the elder Wolfe wrote.

For Robbie Wolfe’s birthday, Mike returned the favor, creating his own Instagram post to celebrate his “little” brother. “Today is my little brother’s birthday, he’s now 56,” the American Pickers star wrote. “Thinking back on all of these years I’ve realized [Robbie Wolfe] was always an old soul.”

“He was the first to have a car, the first to own his own business, and the first to start a family. He was always a step ahead of me and always so tough but gentle with his words.”

“As I get older,” Mike Wolfe continued, “I realize that his actions were guiding me. I can remember calling him to tell him I was going to have a little girl, he cried and told me he had always wanted that for me. My life as his big brother is only defined by a number – not by experience. I love you my brother and I look forward to more adventures and years to come.”

‘American Pickers’ Fans Aren’t Happy With Mike Wolfe Hiring His Brother Robbie

For 21 seasons and more than 300 episodes, Mike Wolfe hosted the hit show American Pickers alongside Frank Fritz. After a nasty feud developed between the two, however, Mike Wolfe announced that Frank Fritz would not be returning to the series.

Instead, his brother, Robbie Wolfe, would take up the position of cohost. Unfortunately, fans of American Pickers weren’t pleased with the swap, going as far as to call Mike Wolfe’s brother Robbie “boring” as host.

Fans were so displeased, in fact, that they started the hashtag “BoycottAmericanPickers” and the show’s ratings have been declining ever since. “No Frank, the Bearded Charmer… NO American Pickers… Flat. Out!” one Twitter user wrote. Another user said, “American Pickers without Frank. The show is like Desi without Lucy.”