‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Celebrates Earth Day with His Pup

by Megan Molseed

What better way to celebrate Earth Day than with a ride in a classic car, windows down, and a pup at your side! This is exactly how American Pickers star Mike Wolfe spent part of his Earth Day, and we are all loving it.

In a Friday afternoon Instagram post, the television host is all smiles as he took to Instagram to share the most adorable Earth Day pic. But, it’s not Mike Wolfe’s smile that we are focused on in the adorable pic. Instead, we are locked in on his furry buddy who is enjoying the wind as the two drive around, “listening to the radio.”

“Driving around listening to the radio,” Mike Wolfe writes on his Friday afternoon Instagram post.

“Celebrating Earth Day,” the American Pickers star adds. “Happy Friday y’all.”

If you haven’t seen a pup smile recently, all you have to do is take a glimpse at Mike Wolfe’s Friday Insta post. With the wind blowing in through the window, Wolfe’s furry friend is clearly in pup heaven as the two cruise down the highway; enjoying the great outdoors. The smile on the pup’s face as the wind blows through the pup’s fur is nothing short of pure happiness. And, as if the puppy cuteness couldn’t get any better, Mike Wolfe doubles down.

The April 22 Instagram post includes a photo of the car at a stop, Wolfe’s pup feeling absolute delight with their Earth Day journeys. The smile on the dog’s face is literally how we all feel as the spring weather begins to settle in.

‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Shows Off His Nashville Antique Archaeology

Mike Wolfe and his furry buddy were certainly all about hitting the road this Earth Day, cruising around, and cranking the tunes. However, this does not mean Wolfe is ready to slow it down across the board. Wolfe spends a lot of his time venturing out on cross-country road trips; driving from coast to coast and combing a variety of unique locations for some hidden gems.

However, when Wolfe is not hitting the road, he can be found at one of his popular Antique Archaeology shops. One of which is located in Wolfe’s home state of Iowa, while the other is located in Nashville, Tennessee.

Mike Wolfe Shows Fans Some Of His Favorite Items In His Nashville Shop

Recently, the American Picker’s star gave fans a video tour of the Nashville shop, showing off some of his favorite items. In the clip, the American Pickers host takes fans through his unique antique store.

As the host ventures through the store, Wolfe points out his favorite finds on display at this Nashville location. And, the History Channel host notes, the Antique Archaeology stores are more than a place to sell things. It’s also a location designed to preserve pieces of history.

“We go the extra mile in a lot of ways to help people understand how this stuff matters,” Mike Wolfe during the video.

“Even though you’re not into antiques and you’re not into collectibles,” the antique expert says. “You can still find something in here that might resonate with you for one reason or another.”