‘American Pickers’ Host Mike Wolfe Once Dropped a Major Check on a Coca-Cola Sign

by Leanne Stahulak

A few months ago, “American Pickers” star Mike Wolfe spent a huge amount of money on a very valuable Coca-Cola sign.

On Feb. 5, “American Pickers” Season 23 Episode 4 aired. It was called “The King of Signs,” and Mike and Robbie Wolfe went out to southern California to meet the king himself.

Juan, a jukebox repairman, is the titular guy, and he’s collected an astounding number of vintage signs. According to Looper, Mike and Robbie couldn’t believe the number of signs stacked against fences or lined up in several storage buildings.

“It’s almost like Juan has bought every sign out of Southern California for the last 30 years,” Mike Wolfe said in his “American Pickers” voiceover.

While Juan is proud of his collection, he has no choice but to sell some of his antique signs. The city where he lives and his wife have pressured him to clean up the property where his collection rests.

Some of the deals go quickly, with Mike and Robbie easily dropping over $1,000 apiece on different signs. But one stands out in particular, and the brothers know they’re gonna have to bust their budget for this one.

The sign in question is a Coca-Cola sign dating back to 1935. Part of what makes it so valuable is its pristine condition, with no bent corners or edges, and only a few small chips here and there. The sign also contains a rare gold and green “Fountain Lunch” section near the top. Both that section and the iconic red and white Coca-Cola part are still bright and barely faded.

So, How Much Do “American Pickers” Stars Robbie and Mike Wolfe Pay for the Coca-Cola Sign?

Almost $3,000. Juan puts out the price of $2,8000 and Mike Wolfe immediately jumps on it. No hard negotiations, no bargaining. It makes you wonder if Juan should’ve aimed higher for the valuable sign.

But at the end of the day, he seemed just seemed happy at the fact that he was able to part with it. That was the first Coca-Cola sign he’d been able to let himself sell, and he still has many more signs to sell-off.

“I don’t like to sell any signs, [but] I can use the money now,” Juan said in an interview. “I just close my eyes and let it go.”

Later on, towards the end of the “American Pickers” episode, Mike Wolfe expressed his respect for Juan. It can’t be easy to collect and maintain so many vintage signs for 30 years. And it has to be even harder to let them go.

“An unfortunate situation that brought us together today,” Mike said in a voiceover. “But working side by side with Juan today, and him knowing that we understand how important this stuff is, I think brought him some closure and hopefully got him a little closer to where he needs to be.”