‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Reportedly ‘Hasn’t Reached Out To’ Frank Fritz

by Joe Rutland

If you are hoping longtime American Pickers hosts Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz will make up, then you can forget it. The feud between both men remains as hot as a pro wrestling main event. Apparently, Wolfe, who is still hosting the show along with his brother Robbie and Danielle Colby, has not been in touch with Fritz. This whole thing is not going to end well, we fear. So, what’s the latest in this verbal brouhaha?

According to The Sun, a source close to Fritz says Wolfe has not reached out to him since being fired. “Mike hasn’t reached out to Frank, he could care less,” the source tells The Sun. “They both came from nothing. Money just changed Mike. It changed Frank too.”

In an interview with The Sun, Fritz said, “I haven’t talked to Mike in two years. He knew my back was messed up, but he didn’t call me up and ask how I was doing. That’s just how it is.” Fritz says that he is not arrogant and more of a regular man. “The guy that connects with me is the guy who buys a 30-pack of Busch Light and a pizza on the weekend,” he said. “That’s my guy. My guy buys a $150 sign, not an $8,000 sign.”  

Frank Fritz of ‘American Pickers’ Considers Himself As A Small Score Guy

Fritz adds that he hasn’t found a $100,000 vase or any Michaelangelo stuff. He says that he’s never had a “big, big score” like that in his career. But he calls the “small scores” his bread and butter. The former American Pickers host also isn’t too happy with his hometown of Davenport, Iowa. He feels like the city “turned its back” on him. It might be worth noting that both Wolfe and Fritz do come from Iowa. Mike Wolfe has a store in his hometown of Le Claire, Iowa, that has been featured on the show.

“It feels like my city has pretty much turned its back on me,” Fritz said in an interview from 2013. “The Quad-Cities has a few people who have done something special. Look at (Living Lands & Waters’) Chad Pregracke. I went to his premiere at the Adler when his pilot episode aired. I was happy to promote him.”

When someone watches the show, they will see Mike, Robbie, and Danielle “pick” through antiques and collectibles. They also head out on the road and visit different places and people. That’s part of the show’s unique charm. Ratings have reportedly slipped since Fritz is no longer around. This is just another reason fans have hoped that the two would find peace. Well, that doesn’t look like it’ll happen at all.