‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Is on the Road With ‘Fellow Pickers’

by Megan Molseed
(Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for Scott Hamilton CARES)

American Pickers creator and star Mike Wolfe is hitting the road again. And, according to a May 3 Instagram post, the television host has been in good company while he does so!

In a Tuesday post to his account, the American Pickers star shared a vibrant pic of an “evening” he recently spent with some “fellow pickers.” Only these “pickers” have a bit of a different picking style from Wolfe’s.

Instead, these “pickers” are members of the hit bluegrass group The Travelin’ McCourys. And, these guys may be expert pickers; however, they spend their time picking instruments such as large basses, mandolins, banjo and so much more to create some of the best bluegrass tunes around.

“Epic evening with some fellow pickers,” Mike Wolfe quips in his Tuesday Instagram post.

“Thank you for making us feel like family,” the American Pickers star continues.

“See y’all down the road!”  

American Pickers has been one of the most popular shows on the History Channel for over 22 years. The popular series features antique lovers and experts touring the country in search of some rare and unique finds. In their adventures the American Pickers tour pretty much any location to unearth collectible items.

From basements to attics, to garages or sheds, nothing is off-limits for these television hosts. The hosts have even been known to set out into backyards and woodlands to uncover a coveted pick. This, of course, is why we are majorly excited when the show’s longtime host – and creator – Mike Wolfe shared a post to Instagram, teasing yet another season of the hit History Channel reality television series.

“Good morning from the great state of Kansas,” Mike Wolfe says in a recent Instagram post.

The Instagram post includes a snapshot of a gravel road looking out a vehicle’s windshield. Also included in the Insta snapshot are a couple of cameras that are attached to the vehicle as it travels down the gravel road. Longtime American Pickers fans know well, that this is the exact equipment the hosts use while they travel across the country searching for prized possessions.

This added to the fact that Mike Wolfe has settled in Tennessee for several years, suggests any journey outside of the area (with cameras included) means that the filming of a new season is now underway! And, we do not doubt that the American Pickers will uncover some impressive picks while touring the American heartland!