‘American Pickers’: Mike Wolfe Paid a Huge Amount for a Vintage Bicycle

by Caitlin Berard
(Photo by Jason Davis/Getty Images for Red Earth)

Throughout his time on History Channel’s American Pickers, Mike Wolfe has come across his fair share of unbelievable treasures. In the show’s 23 seasons, Wolfe and his costars have traveled the country in search of amazing artifacts and priceless pieces of Americana. The items purchased are then either listed for sale in their antique shops or added to the Pickers’ personal collections.

Over the years, the sale of these rare items has made Wolfe a fortune. There’s one item, however, with which Wolfe holds a particular fondness. When Wolfe comes across a unique vehicle, it’s not unusual for him to keep it for himself.

According to The Sun, Wolfe’s luxury car collection was worth a staggering $253,799, as of December of last year. Among the rare vehicles in his collection are an Eisenhower-era motorcycle, a four-cylinder Ace motorcycle, a 1947 red Hudson truck, a 2019 Mercedes Wagon, and a 1932 Ford Roadster.

In a recent episode of American Pickers, Mike Wolfe added another vehicle to his ever-growing collection – a vintage bicycle. Specifically, a Schwinn Aerocycle, the bike produced in 1934 that saved Schwinn from falling victim to the Great Depression, as so many other businesses did.

How ‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Purchased the Aerocycle

The story begins with Bobby Green, a friend of Mike Wolfe’s who inadvisedly told Wolfe about the vintage bike. Green made it clear he didn’t want to sell the Aerocycle, but American Pickers star Mike Wolfe isn’t easily dissuaded from a rare vehicle of any kind. Though the bike wasn’t for sale, Wolfe and his brother journeyed to Los Angeles to pay Bobby Green a visit anyway.

Once Mike and Robbie Wolfe arrived at Green’s 1927 Bowling Alley, it wasn’t long before the friends were haggling on the price of the bike. Green wanted to use the bike for decor but would agree to sell the bike to Wolfe for $12,000. Mike Wolfe, of course, gave a counter offer of $10,000.

Though Bobby Green didn’t flat out refuse this offer, he suggested they add an element of competition to make the deal more interesting. He challenged Wolfe to a single frame of bowling. If Green won, Mike Wolfe could buy the bike for $10,500. Should Mike defeat him, however, the price would be lowered to $10,000.

Determined to get the price he wanted, Wolfe cheated. While Green prepared to throw his ball, Mike called his name, causing him to stumble. This bit of unsportsmanlike conduct allowed Mike to buy the bike at the $10,000 he previously offered. Though $10,000 seems like a high price for a bicycle, it’s more than fair for an exceedingly rare pre-war relic like the 1930s Schwinn Aerocycle.