‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Recognizes the Iowa Crew ‘Behind the Scenes’

by Blake Ells

The American Pickers home base is in Le Claire, Iowa. Mike Wolfe is reflecting on 13 successful years with the show. He shared a photo on Instagram celebrating the crew that makes the show happen.

“This is a tintype of all the special people in Iowa that work very hard behind the scene. I feel very blessed to have each one of them on the crew. Never could I have ever imagined us filming for 13 years. The only way I can still do this is the people that surround me. Thank you guys for being such bright lights in so many peoples lives,” Mike Wolfe captioned the post.

Wolfe’s post and reflection comes as the show prepares to release new episodes. He offered a teaser trailer on Instagram.

“Get ready for a fun-filled summer because new episodes of @americanpickers are back starting on July 9 only on HISTORY,” he wrote in the post.

We’re now just a week away, and we can’t wait to see what pops up. We can expect, “Incredible finds with the true treasures – the stories and people we meet. And you never know, we may be coming to your hometown next!” Mike Wolfe assured us of that.

Wolfe recently celebrated 11 years of his Nashville shop. That shop is located in part of a 1914 car factory in Music City. The shop is called Antique Archaeology.

‘Incredible Finds’ on ‘American Pickers’

Mike Wolfe has shared a few of his “incredible finds” recently. He’s also given updates on relics from the past. He’s been restoring a 1939 Ford Coupe. The project was more difficult than Wolfe anticipated because he bought it without keys and the door was locked. But he got it open eventually, and the project continues.

He’s fixing up a lot of things, and it seems that he never takes a break. He also shared photos of a vintage Coca-Cola sign that he restored. Wolfe recently shelled out $2,000 for another vintage sign. That one was a United Service Motors sign. Maybe we’ll get an update on how that project is coming along soon, too.

A New Season is on the Way

We know the new season begins on July 9, but don’t expect former co-host Frank Fritz to return. Fans have been clamoring for the reunion, but it doesn’t seem likely yet. Mike Wolfe’s brother Robbie will remain in the role.

One report from The Sun suggests that Fritz’s health may be declining and that he is in a bit of tax trouble. His initial departure was due to back surgery. Danielle Colby will be back, and other folks may pop in along the way.