‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Reflects on Filming on 4th of July: ‘Feeling Blessed’

by Caitlin Berard

Across the country, Americans are celebrating the 4th of July with cookouts, fireworks, bonfires, and lazy days in the sun. American Pickers star Mike Wolfe and his team, however, are so dedicated to treasure hunting that they rarely take a day off – not even for America’s birthday.

Rather than taking the day to relax and unwind, Mike Wolfe and his crew are busy filming a new episode of the beloved reality TV show. Independence Day didn’t go entirely unnoticed, though, as Wolfe posted a series of pictures of the American Pickers film crew to his Instagram in celebration of the day, along with a message of gratitude in the caption.

“Working today in Maine for the past 13 years, my schedule seems to always land filming on the 4th,” he wrote. “Feeling blessed to be with these old road dogs. Happy 4th Picker nation much love to all of you.”

‘American Pickers’ Star Robbie Wolfe Wishes Fans a Happy July 4th

In their never-ending hunt for the country’s most unbelievable treasures, brothers Mike and Robbie Wolfe have come across some truly incredible pieces of Americana. To commemorate Independence Day, Robbie Wolfe, posted a video to Instagram explaining one such find. “Nothing is better than placing pieces where they belong,” he wrote in the caption. “Happy July 4th everybody!”

“Corn. Iowa,” he began while brandishing an ear of corn. “So, I’m down in southern Illinois and I find the most unbelievable corn sign I’ve ever seen, which was a stalk of corn, basically. It said, 1940, the corn husking championships of the whole United States. And it said it was held in Scott County.”

“I find a million signs but I don’t find a sign like this,” he continued. “I have to buy it. And it ends up in my shop. [It’s] probably one of the prized possessions that I own and some of the things that we do as pickers, we put things back in place.”

“A gentleman walks into my shop three weeks later, and his last name is Keppy. And he goes [on] to tell me that he’s looking for this corn sign! … This corn sign, was something that was a family heirloom to him because the national corn husking championships were held on his farm in 1940, just before the war.”

Robbie then explained that Mr. Keppy showed him several photos from the corn husking championship, which drew more than 100,000 attendees. And, in a heartwarming turn of events, his grandfather won. Robbie eventually sold him the sign, asking for a slice of authentic Iowan pie in exchange for the piece of history.