‘American Pickers’ Star Mike Wolfe Reveals He’s Opening New Vacation Rental in Iowa

by Emily Morgan

Mike Wolfe’s new pick has us gearing up to head to Iowa. The “American Pickers” star recently revealed his new find when he took to social media on Friday.

While he’s used to collecting motorcycles and bikes, this time, he wowed us when he announced he plans to open a Two Lanes Guesthouse in LeClaire, Iowa. Wolfe grew up in the small town, making the rental all the more important to him.

“Excited to announce we will be doing a @twolanesguesthouse in Leclaire, Iowa,” the picker wrote in an Instagram post. “This place will sleep up to 8 people and has beautiful river views. It’s also right across the street from @antiquearchaeology in Leclaire. We’re just getting started renovating the property. We will share videos and photos of its transformation over the next few months.”

While we’re excited about the new space, unfortunately, the rental won’t be open for a while. It’s currently undergoing major renovations to get it ready for guests.

In April, Wolfe took to his Instagram account to share some details about restoring the historic building.

“The process has started on restoring the Facade of a building I bought in downtown Leclaire Iowa,” Mike Wolfe explained.

The “American Pickers” star then shared that he and his team have cleaned basement seal paint off the original brick. “Over the years it has deteriorated more rapidly because of the product used to cover it. The bricks on this building were actually made in Leclaire and are notorious for eventually turning to dust if not maintained.”

Mike Wolfe seeks to highlight both picks and towns

During an interview with the Des Moines Register, Wolfe revealed what matters most to him now in his professional career: saving small towns.

“When we lose small towns, we lose everything that we stand for,” Wolfe said. Wolfe says when you lose a town you say goodbye to its small businesses, entrepreneurs, historic properties, jobs, and pride.”

Back home in LeClaire, Wolfe was an integral part of the town’s revitalization. He spearheaded a movement to help the city build a thriving tourism industry based on being Buffalo Bill’s hometown and a riverboat stop along the Mississippi River.

While he knows some towns may not have the sort of history and opportunity as Leclaire, he believes momentum is possible if residents embrace their unique qualities.

“American Pickers” is also trying to highlight small towns— rather than their neat finds. Looking beyond an object, Wolfe tries to find the best, often overlooked, parts of a town and show what makes them special.

“I chose a pick in Kansas to tell this guy’s story for the sole purpose that we’re talking about right now,” Wolfe said. “Young guy, 35, had an antique car business in the middle of nowhere, Kansas. How did it survive? Online sales. Ninety percent of his stuff for sale is online.”

Wolfe is also rallying for younger people to consider moving to these small yet deeply historical towns instead of another city. Moreso, they’re the ones who have a chance at resurrecting “America’s Main Street.”